Walkthrough Part 7 – Ruins ~ Tower [The Last Guardian]


This article is the seventh part of the full walkthrough of The Last Guardian.

Ruins ~ Tower

Upon arriving in the ruins, run up the spiral staircase. Be careful of the suit of armor that you will encounter along the way. At the end of the stairs, there will be a locked gate. Avoid the suit of armor and jump of the edge to your right and land on the area below. There will be a lever here that you can pull.

The Last Guardian Walkthrough 7-1

Drop down again on the spiral staircase and head for the opened gate while still avoiding the suit of armor. You will pass a balcony with two suits of armor wielding weapons. Ignore them and continue following the path. You will come across another set of spiraling stairs.

Follow the stairs while running away from the suits of armor. You will pass by a locked room to your right. From here, jump off the edge to another platform and grab on the ledge. Then, pull yourself up and pull the lever.

The lever opens another gate on the top of the spiral staircase. Jump off back to where you first came in. Be careful of the suit of armor still lurking in the area.

While still outrunning the suits of armor, you will enter an open area. Jump down below and climb up the ledge.

Walk to the end of the path and carefully tread the wooden beam.

You’ll eventually need to jump onto the next platform. Jump over and grab on the ledge.

As you grab on to the ledge, the platform will collapse. While still holding on, call Trico to help you. As you let go of the metal shaft, grab on to Trico.

Climb up on Trico’s back and jump down to the lever on the right. Pull the lever to bring down the bridge.

Once the bridge is down, proceed to the next area. Be sure to remove the spears piercing Trico. Proceed along the path and head to the area out in the open. As you head to the area, Trico will become hungry.

Head inside the path ahead where a cart looks to be blocking the way. You will be able to squeeze yourself through. You will come across a railed path with a hole in the middle. Go down the hole.

Go down to the bottom of the hole. You will see a crack in the wall that leads to a passage. Enter the crack until you find a barrel that you can feed to Trico.

Pick the barrel up and make your way back up. You will occasionally need to throw it on higher ground to climb over the ledges.

Carry the barrel to Trico and feed it to him. Once Trico has eaten, head back to the area with the cart blocking the entrance. Form there, you’ll need to pull one of the carts toward the ledge.

Pull the cart until you reach the rubble blocking the rails. From here, climb up the cart and jump onto the upper level. Look for the lever and pull it.

Once you pull the lever, the gate will open, allowing Trico to proceed. From there, go past the rails with a hole that you went to earlier and turn left to a pitch dark area. Call Trico to light up the way.

Once inside the dark area, jump to the upper left path.

Follow the path until you reach a dead end. Call Trico. As he approaches the dead end, grab onto him as he will jump to the upper level.

You’ll soon arrive at an area with a raised drawbridge, which Trico will push down. As you stare out into the open, Trico will give a howl. Then, grab on to Trico’s back. He will leap onto the pillars.

When Trico leaps onto the pillar near a glass eye panel, head down to his tail and jump to the pillar’s opening below.

Get down from the other side by carefully hanging and dropping from ledge to ledge. You will then need to cross a tightrope.

After making it across, grab on to a patch of grass on the ledge and climb up. Once at the top, go around the platform to the another tightrope. Carefully make your way across. The metal securing the rope will eventually pop out. This time, you’ll need to climb your way up the rope.

After climbing the rope and getting on the platform, climb up another patch of grass to an even higher area. Once there, walk up to another tightrope and make your way across towards the device that’s fastening the glass eye panel.


Once there, push the fastener to the edge to drop the glass eye panel. The fastening device will become unbalanced. Make your way down the fastening device and towards the platform near the last chain. Trico will also come to the platform. When your hanging on the lowest chain, jump to the platform.

On the platform, grab on to Trico and tell him to go up the broken spiral stairs. Continue climbing up until you come up to another glass eye panel.

Get off Trico and head to the ledge on the left of the broken stairs. Proceed up along the ledge whenever the stairs run off. You will eventually reach the set of stairs near the device fastening the glass eye panel. Walk towards it and pull the lever to drop it.

The beam will eventually collapse, through will be hanging on to it. Wait for Trico to get in to position to catch you from below. When he is ready, let go. Be ready to grab onto him.

Climb up and on to Trico’s back and proceed up the spiral stairs again. When you get to the top, the entire tower will collapse.

This concludes the seventh part of the full walkthrough for The Last Guardian.

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