Walkthrough Part 11 – The Final Battle and Epilogue [The Last Guardian]


This is the last part of the full walkthrough and epilogue for The Last Guardian.

The Final Battle

On the ice lift, pull Trico’s tail down on of the holes. You’ll need to use his tail as a rope to descend to the area below.

Climb down the rope and jump of to the icy ledge. Then, head for the next room. There will be suits of armor here, with some of them missing their heads. Grab a helmet and approach a headless suit of armor. Once it reattaches to its body and awakens, head back to the area where Trico’s tail is dangling. Jump over the ledge so the suit of armor can’t get to you and shine the mirror on him to destroy him. Continue doing this for all other suits of armor in the area.

After taking out all suits of armor, look for circular panel that you can use the mirror on (they will be behind where the suits of armor where standing). Use your mirror on each until they go black. After you’ve exhausted all circular panels, the barrier on the ceiling will open.

Head back up to Trico and use the mirror on the ice lift device again. You will come up to an area with hordes of suits of armor, so let Trico take them all out. You can also use the mirror to shoot lightning at the enemies. Also, be careful of staying at one place at a time since an enemy may occasionally grab you from behind. You can also try rolling towards an enemy to push them off balance to make them drop their weapons. Look out for enemies on the upper level as well. Shoot them down with lightning.

After a long and drawn out battle, Trico will have defeated all enemies. Remove any spears on him and pet him as he will still be in a violent rage after the fight.

Once Trico calms down, climb on him and aim the mirror on the big circular thing above. It is actually another lift that takes you and Trico to an even higher area. Get off Trico and head inside the lift.

Upon arriving at the upper level, climb on Trico and tell him to jump up to the inclined beam above. He will continue to make his way up the area.

When you get up near the giant spinning fan, hop off Trico and enter the small hole above.

Continue following the small path until you drop onto the area where a big sphere will be. Be careful of getting too near the sphere as it will hit you with its tentacles. Use the mirror on the sphere and it should gradually change form.

Once the dark energy in the sphere has dissipated, quickly climb onto it by grabbing on the its circular frame. Get on to the top of the sphere. Then, jump and grab onto the moving fences above and make your way upwards. You’ll have to do this quickly before the dark energy in the sphere begins to form again.

Continue climbing up until you reach the top with the rotating platform. Look for the device to use your mirror on to stop the fan from spinning.

Once the lights go out in the spinning fan. Jump up an climb the wall, then head for Trico.

Once on the highest level out in the open, head for a statue resembling a bird. A cutscene will play. Many other beasts like Trico will arrive at the area for one final battle before you can escape the tower.

As the battle begins, run around and look for the shining mirror. You will then be taken by one of the beasts and thrown to the edge of the area. As you plunge, anther beast will attempt to finish you off, but will miss you. Once you grab onto him, he will try to shake you off.

After getting down on the tower again, look for the mirror once more. Be sure to avoid the beasts as they will give chase around the area. Once you have the mirror, a cutscene will play again, showing a beast tearing part of poor Trico’s tail off.

Quickly head back down the center of the tower to the black sphere and shine the mirror on its core. This will cause the sphere to explode, mentally disabling the beasts in the area.

Congratulation! You’ve just finished The Last Guardian! Take the time to enjoy the heartwarming ending and the post-credits scene.

This concludes the last part of the walkthrough and epilogue for The Last Guardian.


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