Walkthrough Part 1: Cave ~ Lake [The Last Guardian]

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Help Trico


The game starts with the boy waking up in a cave. The boy will notice a giant creature stabbed in its left leg with a spear.


Jump on top of Trico using the triangle button, then remove the spear by using the circle button and the left analog stick.

Give Trico the barrels

After you remove the spear, Trico starts to look at a certain place in the area. It seems to be pointing the glowing barrels on top of the platforms.


There is a barrel at the foot of the structure, bring that barrel to Trico and the creature will eat it.

To get the second barrel, climb the top of the structure to the left using the triangle button. After climbing the steps, there will be holes that the boy can automatically get in by ducking. Get the barrel at the edge of the cliff and feed it to Trico.


To get the third barrel, you have to pull down the level to the left of the structure. Get the barrel and press the square button to throw it to Trico.

Remove the spear and the chain


After feeding Trico, the creature will then let you pull the spear in his right shoulder. You would have to pull out the spear using the circle button and the left analog stick.


Once you’ve removed the spear, Trico will wake you up, signaling that it trusts you. You would then have to remove the chain. Get on top of Trico’s neck then pull down the lever.

Search for an exit


You can now call Trico using the R1 button. Trico will lead you to another part of the cave, and he will stop at a place where a light from the top is showing. There are two barrels in the area, the first barrel will be brought down by Trico, and the second barrel is stuck in a hole. Climb Trico to reach the hole then remove the barrel from the hole so that Trico can eat it.

After eating, Trico will now sleep, giving you an opportunity to find an exit. Head to the hole where the barrel once was and crawl through it.


An altar is in the other side of the hole. Look for a stone tablet then pick it up.


The tablet produces a light which indicates where Trico should strike the lightning that his tail produces. Hold down the circle button and move the left analog stick to shine the light in the mirror.


Trico will open a blocked way when you call it to shoot lightning on one of the stone walls in the place where Trico was chained. Proceed inside the opened path.


Trico is scared of water

Continue walking down the path until you reach a lake. Trico will not come with you since it is not quite fond of water.


Jump down then head to a blocked path to the left. Get Trico to shoot lightning on the wooden planks to remove the blockage, then proceed to enter inside.

Give Trico some barrels


There is a chain hanging from above once you enter a small room. Climb the chain, walk on the ledge, then jump down the top of the tall structure and look for a wooden box. There is some glowing barrels in the wooden box, so push the wooden box off the ledge in order for you to take the barrels inside.

Grab the three barrels once you get down the structure then throw them in the lake and call Trico. The creature will then follow you.


Go on Trico’s back and he will lead you to another path. Walk down the path and climb a stone wall, then crawl into the hole once you reach the top.

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