Walkthrough Part 3: Exploring the Ruins [The Last Guardian]

Exploring the Ruins

Outside the Ruins

Once you get outside the ruins, explore the area until you find a big cage.


Call Trico and he will jump onto the floor where you are standing. After Trico jumps, climb its tail and the creature will fly to a new path.


Proceed to walk inside a room to the right. There is a big jar in the area and Trico is attracted to its smell, pull it to the middle for the creature to move to another hole. Climb onto Trico and then proceed to climb the patch of grass at the top of the structure.

Close the Lid


Once you climb the top of the structure, there will be a chimney. Go down the chimney and you will reach some wooden planks that leads to the big jar’s lid. Close the jar’s lid by pressing the square button in order for Trico to stop smelling whatever is inside the jar.

Climb Trico’s tail


Once you’re outside the room where the big jar is, call Trico to follow you to the edge of the ruins to the left. Once Trico is at the top of a structure, climb its tail then jump to another platform to the right. Trico will follow you once you enter the path.

Inside the Ruins

Their is a high wall once you reach the end of the path, so you have to climb on Trico’s back to jump over the wall.


Once you’ve reached another new area, proceed to enter the hallway to the north. Climb the top of the pillar to the right, then continue to jump forward over the other pillars.


When you reach the pillar in the middle, Trico will jump over the top of that pillar. Climb on top of Trico and proceed to the upper level.

There are barrels in the rooms to the left, so bring that barrel first to Trico before proceeding. A barrel could also be found after you cross the destroyed wooden bridge.


After giving the barrels, proceed to the left of the room after the wooden bridge then go down the stairs. There is an locked gate at the end of the path, so pull down the lever to the left to open the gate.

Passing through the gate

Trico will come with you once you enter through the gate.

Go down the stairs to the right on you will see a split path, proceed to the path on the left.


Once you go down the hall to the right, there will be enemies that will spawn in the area.

After Trico defeats them, pull out the spears stuck on its body.

The hallway puzzle

Proceed to the hall opposite the hallway where you came from. Climb onto Trico to reach the hall. Call Trico for it to follow you inside.

Once you reach the hall, there will be another set of broken stairs and bridges, jump down and another set of enemies will spawn.

After the battle, proceed to the left and you will find a ladder. Climb the ladder to reach the next area.


Walk forward and call Trico. Once you reach the middle of the hallway, there is a room to the right where a lever is located. This lever reacts to a specific part of the floor where Trico should be. Call Trico and place him in the specified area (a wooden panel on the floor) in the middle of the hallway then activate the lever.

Enemies will spawn once you activate the lever. Go back to Trico and let the it defeat the enemies.

After defeating the enemies, head to the previously locked gate to the right.


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