Walkthrough Part 5 – Ruins ~ Bridge [The Last Guardian]


This articles is the fifth part of the full walkthrough of The Last Guardian.

Ruins ~Bridge

Once you and Trico have jumped to the large window and into the new area, head to the gate straight ahead.


Once in the next area, look for a hanging chain and climb unto it. The gate that you used to enter this area only opens from one side, so Trico is trapped here until you can find a way to help him.


At the end of the chain, jump across to the platform nearby. Then, pull the lever.


The lever will activate a torch at the very top of the room. Trico will then jump onto it. When he does, head for the other platform closest to his tail and grab onto him (by the tail).


Climb up all the way to Trico’s back and then look to your right for a ledge that you can jump down to. After landing on the ledge, head to the path ahead. You will arrive at another room with a weird mechanism to your left.


Jumpp onto the weird mechanism and then to the other hanging platform below. Then, jump down to the wall with ledges that you can grab.



Continue your descent by slipping down the chain. Once at the bottom of the area, pull the lever.


This will lower the glowing pot hanging on the chain so you can grab it. After grabbing it, head up the stairs. Once you get on the area with the barred doors, put the pot down first. Removed the wood barring the doors and open the door. Then, pick up the pot and throw it to the area where Trico is.


After throwing the pot down to the other room, jump onto Trico and safely climb down. Then, pick up the glowing pot again and hang it on the chain in the room.


Trico will take a liking to it and eat it, causing the locked gate to slightly open and close as he tugs on the chain. Wait for the right opportunity to dash through the gate when you can.

Now very quickly, head to the right of the room where a large dumbbell-looking thing will be lying around. Push it quickly up the ramp and push it off to the edge to your right. It will topple upright on the ground.


As Trico continues to tug on the chain in the next room, push the dumbbell to jam it between the gate. Trico will now be able to squeeze himself through the opening.


In one of the cells ahead, there will be a barrel that you can feed to Trico so get it if you want to. In the area, you will run into another locked gate. Call Trico and tell him to position himself in front of the locked gate. Climb onto him, then jump and grab the ledge to the upper level. Then, pull yourself up and head straight.


You will soon find two glass eye panels on both sides of the upper level which will terrify Trico. Head to the left to a dirt patch with scattered parts of suits of armor and pick one up. Carry one to one of the glass eyes and throw it to shatter it. Pick it up again and shatter the other one so Trico can pass.



Once the glass eyes are destroyed, call Trico in front of the dead. You then need to grab on him as he jumps up to the path ahead.


Once you’ve arrived at the upper level, climb down Trico and head down the stairs out into the open. You will run into another glass eye. This time, it won’t easily shatter by throwing something to it. At the edge of the platform before the huge eye, there will be a ladder that you can climb down to. After climbing down, you will notice that the glass eye is on a movable cart on rails. Push it towards the edge to destroy it.


Once the eye plunges below, the railed path will be destroyed, so carefully tread the path. Walk up to the very edge and tell Trico to jump over.


Once he makes it across, the platform he will land on will slightly collapse. Wait until Trico faces you. You will then make a scary jump across. Since it is impossible for you to make it on your own, Trico will catch you.


After Trico sets you up on the ramp, head for the second glass eye and push it off the rails again. Be sure to turn around and run back to the stone platform as the entire platform will collapse soon.


On the stone platform, call Trico to catch you. You will then need to make another scary jump. Trico’s mouth will miss you but you will be able to grab on to his tail.


As you make it on Trico’s tail, the entire platform will collapse. Trico will dash to higher ground just in time, but will be in danger one he jumps on one of the wooden platforms. Quickly get off him and get rid of the jar blocking the log. Then, push the log near Trico so he can grab on to it.


Grab onto Trico again and he will jump up to a higher platform to the next area.

This concludes the fifth part of the full walkthrough for The Last Guardians.


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