Walkthrough Part 8: Deep Within the Ruins [The Last Guardian]

Deep Within the Ruins

Hanging on a tree branch

After the boy fell from the tower, his clothes are caught in a tree branch. Call Trico to help you before you fall down below.

Trico will place his tail near you, so grab onto it then climb on Trico’s back. Trico will then jump down several platforms until it reaches a structure where a lever is. The boy realizes that they had been in the area before. Trico is lying down on the bottom floor and seems to be hungry, so the boy decides to give the creature more barrels.

There is a barrel in front of Trico, but you need to jump over a platform to get to it. After jumping over the structure, grab the barrel and carry it until you reach Trico. Throw the barrel to Trico once you reach the upper level.

Trico will now be able to jump over platforms again, so jump down and grab onto Trico until it reaches one of the upper levels.

Glass eye shields

Once you reach the top level, Trico will notice several enemies with glass eye shields. Trico will not be able to move again, so the boy tries to find out a way to get rid of their shields.

Go down Trico’s tail and jump to the platform on the left. after walking on the side of the wall, jump on several platforms until you reach the end. Climb on the ledges and you will be able to go inside the room where the enemies are.

Avoid the enemies once you get inside then run towards the enemies with glass shields. Charge into the shielded enemies using the square button and the left analog stick for them to drop their shields. Trico will leap towards your direction and charge into the enemies.

The big jar

After the battle, crawl through the gate on the opposite side of the balcony then walk to the right. There is a barrel in the area, so pick it up and give it to Trico before proceeding.

Once you give the barrel to Trico, head to the left of the gate where you came from then proceed to the hallway. Call Trico to fly to the next area.

In the next area, there is a gate that will block Trico’s path. Head towards the back of the area then go to the right and climb on the ladder. Proceed to the left and pull the lever to open the gate. The gate will close again after you let go of the lever, but you can pass through it.

Jump down and hang onto Trico. Trico is distracted by the aroma inside the big jar. If you pull to move the big jar, the handle will break, so you have to push it instead.

The boy notices that the big jar cannot be moved because the rails are not aligned. To fix its alignment, climb on top of the creature’s head, then jump on the platform in front of you and walk to the left. Walk forward until you find a lever, activate the lever so that the rails on the split path can now be used to move the big jar.

Push the big jar and Trico will follow the scene. However, once you reach the middle of the railroad, the floor that the boy is standing on will collapse, causing the boy to fall on a puddle of water.

Swim towards the platform where a big wooden box is located.

The puddle

Push the wooden box towards the puddle and call Trico. Jump on the wooden box and climb onto Trico tail. Climb on top of Trico and the creature will jump on several platforms. There are several enemies on the last structure that Trico jumps on, so let the creature defeat the enemies first before jumping down.

After Trico defeats the enemies, jump over the gate in the area. There is a barrel that you can give to Trico, but first you need to push the wooden boxes in the area towards the hole of the gate then throw the barrel on top of the wooden boxes. Climb on top of the box and then throw the barrel towards Trico.

The bridge

After feeding Trico, climb on top of the creature and jump on the hole in the wall.

Hang onto the ledge of the hole then proceed to the left until you reach curved bridge that you can jump down on.

Walk towards the end then jump down inside the bridge. Run and jump towards the door where Trico is on the other side.

There is an enemy that will try to capture the boy, however; Trico will come barging in towards you. The bridge will start to collapse, so starting running. Trico will save you at the middle section of the bridge right before you fall down.

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