Walkthrough Part 4 – The Collapsed Bridge [The Last Guardian]


This is the fourth part of the full walkthrough of The Last Guardian – The Collapsed Bridge.

The Collapsed Bridge

After pulling the lever, proceed to the area out in the open. Be sure to call Trico to come with you since there will be a suit of armor to defeat near the exit.


In the next area, there will be a broken bridge. You can head south east of the area to find a long set of stairs that leads to a barrel that you feed to Trico. Otherwise, head to the gated entrance to the left. Before the gated entrance, there will be a wall to your left that Trico can lean on. If he does, you can climb up his back to find another barrel. Proceed to the gated entrance afterwards.

Follow the path until you reach an open courtyard with two crates. One contains a lot of barrels so tell Trico to do a swipe attack on it.


Once Trico is inside, make him stand in the center of the area. Climb on top of his head and look around for a broken path that you can jump on to. Make Trico go nearer so that you can make the jump from his head. Or you can tell Trico to jump on top of the pillar in the middle of the area. From there, it will be easier to make the jump to the upper level.


Once you are on the upper level, head up the stairs straight ahead and towards the passage leading out into an open area.


In the open area, you will find a level. Pull it, then head back to the broken bridge. Walk to the edge of the bridge and call Trico. While standing on the edge, tell him to jump over the bridge. The moment Trico walks toward the edge of the bridge, climb on to his back.



Once you get to the other side, you can tell Trico to lean on the wall near one of the two pillars near the big door. Climb on Trico’s back and jump on to the higher platform. From here, you can obtain a barrel that you can feed to Trico. Next, head on to the pillar to the right of the big door.



Next, head on to the pillar to the right of the big door. There will be a ladder there that you can climb.


After climbing up the ladder, head to the right. Continue following the path until you arrive at a narrow path that turns to the left.


After turning left, the path will end. You will need to grab on to the ledge and go up to reach and enter the small opening above.


Follow the path in the small tunnel. You will then reach an area on top of several wooden beams connected to each other.


Head down to lower part of the area by walking along the outer beams that hug the wall of the area. Take your time to descend lower and lower, making sure that there will be a platform below you or a ledge that you can cling on.




Continue the descent down until you arrive at the lowest elevation (you won’t be able to see how high is the fall from there). Look for a ledge to allow you to climb up the main path (see second image below).



Once on the main path, look for the lever that unlocks the big door. Be careful of suits of armor in the area and avoid their line of sight.

After opening the big door, Trico can now enter. Once Trico is in the area, the two suits of armor will awaken. Keep away from danger and let Trico take them out. After Trico has defeated all enemies, pet him to calm him down.


After Trico has calmed down, head to the path ahead. The door will be locked so tell Trico to lean up to the wall above the door to give you a boost. From there, take the ladder to the right.


After climbing the ladder, squeeze through the hole on the left. On the next area, head to the left and carefully walk on the ledge.


The ledge will eventually reach a dead end but you can climb up and enter another hole above. You will then enter another area with wooden beams connected to each other. Make for a spot to make a jump down below. Be careful of landing near the lever since suits of armor will be near it.


You will be badly hurt from the fall and will limp for a few seconds. When you’ve recovered head for a lower area on the main path to avoid the suits of armor.




Once you open the gate, Trico will enter and the suits of armor will awaken. Take cover and let Trico take them out.

Once the enemies have been defeated, proceed to the next gate and tell Trico to lean up on the wall above again. After getting up on the upper area, head to the path to the left. You will find the lever in the next room. Pull it and go down the ladder on the other side.


Once you get down, there will be a glass panel that repels Trico again. Push it to the edge and continue onward. Then, you will need to climb on to Trico and tell him to jump on a series of platforms all the way up. From where you are (in front of the gated passage), Tell Trico to jump up to the upper area.


Then facing left, jump to the next platform. From there, turn around and look up to find another platform to jump on to. Jump on to it as well. From there facing the right, jump on to the next platform.


From there, look up to the right until you see a window that you can jump and enter. Jump onto it to head to the next area.


This concludes the fourth part of the full walkthrough of The Last Guardian – The Collapsed Bridge.

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