Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - All Classes List

List of all classes in Xenoblade Chronicle 3 (XC 3), including information on each class, role, and in-game description.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - All Classes List

All Classes List for Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 All Classes List

Below is a list of all classes list in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (XC 3) There are 3 different class categories and there are also multiple classes available for your units and for all playable characters in the game.
All Arts List

Attacker Class

Name Description
Swordfighter This is Noah’s starting class. An Attacker armed with a large sword whose refined technique balances offense and defense.
Ogre This is Sena’s starting class. An Attacker who smashes through foes’ defenses with a huge hammer and unstoppable Arts.
Incursor This is Alexandria’s starting class. An elegant Attacker, whose exquisite sword grows even keener with critical hits.
Full Metal Jaguar This is Gray’s starting class. Attacks foes in a wide area with twin guns and drones, the shots growing deadlier with each hit.
Stalker This is Juniper’s starting class. An Attacker who excels at sniping foes with arrows and hunting them from safety of stealth.
Yumsmith This is Riku & Manana’s starting class. Protean Attacker class that exploits enemy weak points and uses debuffs to alter the tide of battle.
Flash Fencer This is Ethel’s starting class. An Attacker, pressuring foes with a dual-sword style and felling them in short, vicious bouts.
Seraph This is Cammuravi’s starting class. A bold Attacker, trading wounds for augmentation of an already formidable offensive power.
Soulhacker This is Triton’s starting class. A special class, enabling a variety of fighting styles using skills and Arts stolen from enemies.
Martial Artist This is Ghondor’s starting class. A martial artist Attacker who pounds foes into dust with ceaseless torrent of blows.
Machine Assassin This is No.7 Segiri’s starting class. An Attacker who hounds foes with debuffs, then fells them at their most vulnerable with dual axes.
Royal Summoner This is Melia’s starting class. A fearsome Attacker combining dynamic elemental attacks with reliable support.

Defender Class

Name Description
Guardian Commander This is Zeon’s starting class. A Defender whose skills shine even brighter in the face of adversity. A ray of hope on the field of battle.
Lone Exile This is Ashera’s starting class. An aggressive Defender who swift, deadly slash strikes draw foes in, only to mow them down.
Heavy Guard This is Lanz’s starting class. A Defender who protects allies with a huge weapon and Arts to focus the enemies’ attention.
Zephyr This is Mio’s starting class. A Defender who baffles foes with quick movement, skilled evasion and strong counterattacks.
Lost Vanguard This is Monica’s starting class. A stout Defender, guarding allies all around with shield and Arts, while crushing foes with a mace.

Healer Class

Name Description
Medic Gunner This is Eunie’s starting class. A Healer who deploys fields to heal and buff allies across a large area.
Tactician This is Taion’s starting class. A Healer, specializing in dazzling foes and offering support by using spell tags. Uses Mondo.
War Medic This is Valdi’s starting class. An invaluable Healer who ensures the party’s continued survival with healing and buffs.
Signifer This is Fiona’s starting class. A special Healer excelling at support, using buffs to inspirit allies with courage and strength.
Strategos This is Isurd’s starting class. An adroit, tactical Healer who uses special guns to aid allies in various ways, as well as weakening foes.
Thaumaturge This is Teach’s starting class. A Healer with belligerent bent. Batters enemies with powerful combos while soothing ailing allies.
Troubadour This is Miyabi’s starting class. A special Healer, raising allies’ attack frequency and strengthening them greatly with flute-playing.
Lifesage This is Nia’s starting class. A Healer whose command of water can fell foes and heal allies in the same beat; a battlefield messiah.

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