Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Lanz Character Guide

Lanz character guide for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (XC 3), including the character' starting class, initial stats, starting Arts, Interlink Fusions, Ouroborous Arts, best classes, best equipment (weapons and accessories), profile and backstory, and other useful tips.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Lanz Character Guide

Lanz Character Guide for Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Character Overview

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Lanz Default
Starting Class Heavy Guard
Role Defender
How to Unlock
Voice Actor Jack Bardoe (English)
Kosuke Tanabe (Japanese)

Character Profile

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Lanz Profile

Lanz is a young soldier from Keves who boasts a large physique. His impressive strength allows him to wield a gigantic sword which is effective in both attack and defense.

Lanz has been close friends with Noah since childhood and is an invaluable ally to the young off-seer throughout their dangerous journey.

Character Initial Stats

Heavy Guard

Level HP Attack Healing Power Dexterity
Agility Critical Rate Block Rate Physical Defense Ether Defense

Character Initial Arts

Heavy Guard

Art Target Attack Type
Crash Out AOE Physical Attack
Art Effect Boosts aggro generated when using Art by 70%.
Bull Rush Single-Target Physical Attack
Art Effect Topple
Uppercut Slash Physical Attack
Art Effect Increases aggro.
Mad Taunt AOE Talent Art
Art Effect Taunt

Character Interlink Fusion (Ouroboros)


Fusion Partner Sena
Ouroboros Types Lanz and Sena
Sena and Lanz

Ouroboros Arts (Lanz and Sena)

Art Target Type
Ray of Punishment AOE Normal Art
Description Increases aggro.
Burning Rain Single-Target Normal Art
Description Boosts aggro generated when using Art by 50%.
Sudden Impact Single-Target Normal Art
Description Inflicts Topple on all enemies when Ouroboros Interlink is at Level 3.
Winning Rush Talent Art

Ouroboros Arts (Sena and Lanz)

Art Target Type
Dino Upper Normal Art
Mortal Bullet Normal Art
Earth Crusher Normal Art
Hammer Revolution Talent Art

Best Classes for Lanz

Recommended Class
Heavy Guard

Best Equipment for Lanz

Coming soon.

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