Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - How to Level Up Fast

Overview and guide on how to level up fast in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, including a breakdown of their mechanics or effects on your party in the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - How to Level Up Fast

Character Leveling Guide in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

A breakdown of methods on how to level up your party’s level in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Leveling methods are grouped by on a category:

  • By battle
  • By exploration
  • By collectibles

Level Up by Battling Monsters

Farm Elite Monsters

You will encounter monsters with blue markers called Elite Monsters when exploring Aionos. Make it a point to defeat them quickly without losing a party member to unlock a Conqueror bonus.

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Bonuses are acquired when an Elite Monster is defeated:

  • 250% more experience points.
  • 300% more class points.
  • 350% more gold earned.

Reroll Unique Monsters

Unique Monsters are world-tier enemies, the strongest type of monster foes in the game, and provide a lot of experience points. After defeating one Unique Monster, a grave statue will appear on their spot. Examine the statue and fight the monster again to gain experient points for your party.

Level Up by Exploration

Spend bonus experience on Rest Spots

Use the Rest Spots to allocate bonus experience as experience points to your party members. These bonus points are obtained by exploration, discovering Landmarks, and finding points of interest. Bonuses are also gained from registering Collectopaedia Cards and clearing side quests.

Cook meals on Rest Spots

In addition to bonus points, you can also cook meals in order to gain experience point boosts for your party. The boost will only last an hour and take advantage of it by turning-in quests or defeating Elite or Unique monsters while the timer is on.

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Level Up by Collectibles

Turn-in Collectopaedia Cards

When you unlock the Collectopaedia Card feature, you can now exchange the card you’ve acquired for bonus experience points and affinity. There are some cards that can be acquired and registered multiple times so gather them when you explore the open world of Aionos.

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