DARK SOULS 3 – Covenants

Covenants locations and features

Covenants Location Features
Way of Blue Talk to Emma at High Wall of Lothric Allow Blue Sentinels to spawn in to help you when you are being invaded.
Warriors of Sunlight Inside a house near a big fire at Undead Settlment. Player’s summon signature will be golden, and will recievea a sunlight medal once the objective is complete.
Blue Sentinels Talk to Horace at Halfway Fortres bonfire in Road of Sacrifices. Will be summoned to a world invaded who has Way on Blue Covenants.
Watchdogs of Farron Pray to the old wolf of Farron at Farron Keep. Will be summoned to defend the Farron forest area.
Rosaria’s Fingers Talk to Rosaria at Cathedral of the Deep Allows you to reallocate your stats and change your appearance by trading in a Pale Tongue.
Aldrich Faithful Talk to Archdeacon McDonnell at Irityll of the Boreal Valley. Will be summoned to defend the Anor Londo area.

Covenants for beginner’s

The recommended covenants for beginner’s is the Way of Blue convenat as it will help you from invaders by having players with Blue Sentinels spawn in. For those of you who whant to help Beginners should use Blue Sentinels or Warriors of Sunlight to help them walkthrough.

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