DARK SOULS 3 Unbreakable Patches Event

Unbreakable Patches Firelink Shrine Event

・Once you have reached Cathedral of the Deep go to Firelink Shrine.
・Buy the Tower Key and head towards the tower area. Make your way up to the point where the Fire keeper Soul is and use the elevator to go down.
・Patches will trap you in the tower. Jump down from the side to get out of the tower.
・By killing Patches he will drop a Horsehoof Ring, Winged Spear, and Patche’s Ashes.

Unbreakable Patches Cathedral of the Deep Event

You must not meet with Patches at the Firelink Shrine for this to happen.

・Talk to Siegward in the well.
・Open the door left of the boss room.
・Go down the Stairs and talk to Siegward of Catarina.
・Cross the bridge half way and a you will have a cut scene.
・Patches who was disguised as Siegward will lower the bridge and makes you fight the giant. However if you have already defeated the giant he will have a extra quote.
・Patches will now sell you items at the Firelink Shrine.

Greirat and Patches

・Let Greirat leave for the second time.
・Talk to patches and he will ask you Greirat’s location and will not sell you anything until you tell him where he is.
・Greirat will come back to the Firelink Shrine.

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