DARK SOULS 3 Siegward of Catalina Event

Siegward Undeaad Settlement Event

・The first time you will see Siegward of Catalina.
・He will at the elevator going from Undead Settlement to Road of Sacrifices.
・Talk to him and he will tell you that he wants to go up.
・Use the elevator once and you will not find Siegward anymore.
・Go up the elevator and drop down at a ledge that you will find while the elevator is still moving.
・Siegward will be sitting outside. A Fire Demon will be wandering around.
・Cooperate with Siegward and defeat the Fire Demon.
・After defeating the Fire Demon, talk to Siegward several times until you recieve a Siegbrau and gestures Toast and Sleep.

Siegward Cathedral of the Deep Event

・From the well just outside the Cleansing Chapel bonfire, you will hear Siegward’s voice.
・He will tell you that he no longer has his armor.
・Buy the Catalina Set from Patches, and give it to Siegward in the well for Rejoice gesture.

Siegward Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Event

・From the Distant Manor bonfire, go through a sewer and you will see him resting at a fireplace.
・Talk to Siegward and he will move. Talk to him several times for Emit Force and Siegbrau.
・Even if you miss this event he will still be seen in Irithyll Dungeon.

Siegward Irithyll Dungeon Event

・He will be locked in a cell located in the area with the giant.
・You can only talk to him at this point.
・To help Siegward you need the Old Cell Key. Walk past the sleeping giants and down a latter onto a walkway and go up the stairs as you will find 2 chests. The key will be in the right one.
・Once you obtain the Old Cell Key proceed the game until you reach Profained Capital.
・In Profained Capital, after you make your way through the poisonous swamp, and up the ladder onto a roof.
・There is an open window which you can get into by jumping and inside there you will find Siegward.
・Use the Old Cell Key to unlock him and talk to him for a Titanite Slab.

Siegward Yhorm the Giant Event.

・When going into the boss area, you will see Siegward walking along side with you. Siegward will cooperate with you in the boss fight.
・If all the questline listed above has not been finished, that he will not come to help you.
・After defeating Yhorm the Giant Talk to Siegward.
・Obtain the Catalina Set, Storm Ruler, and Pierce Shield.

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