Golden Slime Locations Guide [Dragon Quest VIII/DQ8 3DS]

About Golden Slime 

golden slime

This element was added in 3DS version. You can take a photo quest to take pictures of golden slime littered throughout the world.

Here are a list of locations:

Place Quest Location
Farebury 089 “Golden Slime at Farebury” Found at the back of the inn counter
Alexandra 090 “Golden Slime in Alexandra” Found at Jessica’s room in Jessica’s house.
Portland 091 “Portland Gold Slime” Found at the window side of the Guesthouse inn
A pier 092 “Golden slime of Gold” Found on the luggage in the middle of the stairway within the Lighthouse.
Maella Abbey 093 “Golden slime of Maella Abbey” Found at the end of the door where you can get through with the ring of Angelo. It’s near the statue on the right side of the chapel’s Knight Lodge.
Simpleton 094 “Golden slime in Simpleton” Found at the back of the bar counter. It’s easy to recognize when you approach the front adjust the camera and shoot!
Ascantha 095 “Golden Slime” at Ascantha Castle” Found in the Guesthouse inn on a shelf.
096 “Golden Slime at Ascantha Castle” Found on the shelves of the room on the left (the one without King pavan) down the stairs from the stage.
Pickham 097 “Gold Slime of Pickham” The house behind the shops, corner by the armor shop exit on a shelf.
Woman Thief’s Hideout 098 “Golden Slime in the Female Thief’s Hideout” Found by the side of the potted trees in Red’s room.
Battle Road Battlefield 099 “Golden Slime in the Battle Road Battlefield” Found at the back of the counter near the entrance.
Princess Minnie’s Castle 100 “Golden Slime of Princess Minnie’s Castle” Found behind the counter.
Baccarat Casino 101 “Baccarat’s Gold Slime” Found backstage under a table.
102 “Baccarat’s Gold Slime” Found on the bookshelf of a private house next to the weapons shop.
Chateau Felix 103 “Chateau Felix Golden Slime” Found in Chateau Felix inside the cage on the right.
Argonia Castle 104 “Golden Slime at Argonia Castle” Found at a priestless church on a high ledge.
105 “Golden Slime at Argonia Castle” Found near the stairs of the church.
106 “Golden Slime at Argonia Castle” Found on the shelf of the 5th east room of the castle.
Arcadia 107 “Arcadia’s Golden Slime” Found on the piece of luggage in a private house. This private house also has a treasure box with a big hatch so take note.
108 “Arcadia’s Golden Slime” Found below the staircase of of a house. You’ll notice the blue carpet flowing down the steps.
Orkutsk 109 “Orkutsk’s Gold Slime” Found in the basement residential room right under the tool store.
110 “Orkutsk’s Gold Slime” Found outside in front of the mayor’s house.
Savella Cathedral 111 “Golden Slime of Savela Cathedral” Found on the plantation next to the stairs on the left side of the Cathedral.
Papal House 112 “Golden Slime of Pavillion’s Palace” Found by the upper staircase in front of the hall on the arch.
Empycchu 113 “Empycchu’s Golden Slime” Found in the private house on the east side of town.
Dark Empycchu 114 “Golden Slime at Dark Empycchu” Gold slime behind a tool store

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