Strategy for Corridor of Memories [Dragon Quest VIII/ DQ8]

The Corridor of Memories is a new feature in the Dragon Quest VIII 3DS. This page will continuously be updated as the 3DS English version is released.

Corridor of Memories

After destroying the Ultimate Dragon, there’s a bonus portion to the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII. This bonus stage is called the Corridor of Memories. Because this is a post game event, the Corridor of Memories features bosses and monsters with higher stats than the first time you’ve fought them. Since they have higher stats, they also drop a great deal of rewards. To first unlock this place, defeat the Ultimate Dragon and the Crimson Dragon. After doing so, you can now head into the Corridor of Memories and fight the bosses.

Note: We are still in the process of updating data on this section. Check back regularly for changes and updates.

List of Rooms

1st room: Geyzer (recommendation: Lv 50 ~ 60)

· Revenge Fee: Strength Seed
· Reward: Elf Elixir + Fencing Bade

2nd Room: Tortured Soul (recommended: Lv 60 ~)

· Revenge Fee: Wisdom Seed
· Reward: Mini Medal + Thanatos’ Shield

3rd room: Trap Box (recommended: Lv 70 ~)

· Revenge Fee: Agility Seed
· Reward: Rusty Old Sword + Strength Seed

4th room: Don Mole (Recommended: Lv 70 ~)

· Revenge Fee: Protect Seed
· Reward: Genkidama + Champagne Cheese

5th room: Great Argon Lizard (Recommended: Lv 80 ~)

· Revenge Fee: Strength Seed
· Reward: Slime Crown + Mini Medal

6th room: Captain Crow (Recommended: Lv 80 ~)

· Revenge Fee: Life Nut
· Reward: Mini Medal + Orichalcum Claw

7th room: Gemon Demon (Recommended: Lv 80 ~)

· Revenge Fee: Agility Seed
· Reward: Orichalcum + Mini Medal

8th room: Sir Leopold (Recommended: Lv 85 ~)

· Revenge Fee: Agility Seed
· Red Treasure Box: Metal King Helm + Mini Medal

9th room: The Mage (recommendation: Lv 90 ~)

· Revenge Fee: Strength Seed
· Reward: Protect Seed + Ruinous Shield

10th room: Tap Devil (Recommended: Lv 90 ~)

· Revenge Fee: Protect Seed
· Reward: Protect Seed + Miracle Blade

11th room: Evil Jessica (Recommended: Lv 90 ~)

· Revenge Fee: Mystery Seed
· Reward: Gold Nugget + Life Nut

12th room: Marcello (Recommended: Lv 99)

· Revenge Fee: Wisdom Seed
· Reward: Star Stone + Skill Seed

13th room: Dhoulmagus – Phase One (recommendation: Lv 99)

· Revenge Fee: Mystery Seed
· Reward: Metal King Spear + Mini Medal

14th room: Dhoulmagus – Phase 2 (Recommended: Lv 99)

· Revenge Fee: Life Nut
· Reward: Mini Medal + Orichalcum

15th room: Estark (recommended: Lv 99)

· Revenge Fee: Life Nut
· Reward: Mini Medal + Orichalcum
※ Second and subsequent times: If you win within 20 turns, only 10 Mini Medals
※ Rewards change according to the number of defeated turns


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Any tips to defeat dhoulmagus phase one?