Abilities List [Dragon Quest 8 3DS/ DQVIII 3DS]

This section contains information on the different abilities that are executed in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. Details including the ability name, MP cost, effect and classification are summarized.

Note that this section will be updated when new information is revealed.

In Dragon Quest, some abilities consume magic energy (MP) and are categorized into 4 types: attack, support, healing, and other spells. In addition, some abilities are usable only during battle, some only outside of battle (on the move) while others can be performed both in and outside of battle. As your characters gain even more experience (EXP), they can learn even more abilities. However, pay attention to your character’s MP as there are different costs depending on which ability you choose.

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Types of Abilities

Attack Abilities

Ability Name MP Cost Effect Classification
In Battle On the Move
Dragon Slash 0 An attack that causes heavy damage to dragons Yes No
Flame Slash 0 Channels the power of a raging fire into the blade of your sword Yes No
Metal Slash 0 An attack that can damage enemies with metal bodies Yes No
Miracle Slash 4 A secret sword technique that heals your own wounds each time you strike a foe Yes No
Mercurial Thrust 0 A lightning-fast thrust Yes No
Clean Sweep 0 Drives back a group of enemies with a sweep of the spear Yes No
Thunder Thrust 3 Difficult to perform, but has a high chance of doing critical damage Yes No
Croscutter Throw 2 Traces an X in the air as it ploughs into the enemy Yes No
Power Throw 4 A full-force throw that damages all enemies equally Yes No
Starburst Throw 8 Bathes all enemies in a shower of burning light Yes No
Stone’s Throw 0 Hurls rocks at a single group of enemies Yes No
Knuckle Sandwich 2 A powerfully focused and damaging bare-fisted strike Yes No
Multifists 0 A vicious four-hit strike on a random enemy Yes No
Boulder Toss 4 Showers all enemies with enormous boulders Yes No
Harvest Moon 6 Pummel all enemies with a chain of cartwheels and backflips Yes No
Helm Splitter 0 A skull-splitting smash that lowers an opponent’s defence as it inflicts damage Yes No
Hatchet Man 3 An unpredictable attack that can slay an enemy with a single blow… if it connects Yes No
Axes of Evil 0 Generates a vortex from your axe blade that chews into a group of enemies Yes No
Parallax 2 A focused strike capable of occasionally paralysing an enemy Yes No
Heart Breaker 2 An attack that occasionally causes the target to miss a turn Yes No
Monster Masher 3 A powerful smash that works wonders on monsters of the material family Yes No
Steal Sickle 0 Occasionally allows you to steal items from those you slash Yes No
Wind Sickles 0 Sends a whirlwind of sickles pirouetting into the enemy Yes No
Grim Reaper 3 A swing of Death scythe that can instantly kill one or more foes in a group Yes No
Toxic Dagger 3 A knife-fighting technique that poisons a single enemy Yes No
Assassin’s Stab 8 A fearsome technique that fells an opponent instantly by attacking their vital parts Yes No
Sudden Death 8 A fatal flash that strikes down an enemy like a bolt out of the blue Yes No
Whiplash 4 A paralyzing crack of the whip Yes No
Twin Dragon Lash 3 A double-strike that lashes a random group of enemies Yes No
Lady’s Thong 2 A secret whip technique that steals HP as it damages an enemy Yes No
Sandman’s Arrow 2 A magical arrow capable of putting a single enemy to sleep Yes No
Cherub’s Arrow 0 A secret bow technique that regenerates your own MP Yes No
Needle Shot 1 Capable of felling an enemy instantaneously if a vital area is hit Yes No
Blow Kiss 0 A special kiss that can temporarily prevent enemies from attacking Yes No
Sexy Beam 3 Focus the power of passion into a beam that sows destruction and confusion Yes No
Charming Look 4 A glance so powerfully captivating that it burns all enemies in its path Yes No
Executioner 3 A powerful roundhouse strike that fells an opponent in one blow if it hits Yes No
Firebird Throw 6 Transforms your boomerang into a firebird that incinerates your enemies Yes No
Typhoeus’ Maul 6 An ancient axe technique that works wonders on monsters of the beast family Yes No
Super Throw 4 A fearsome attack that uses all your strength to cause extreme damage to all foes Yes No
Gigathrow 15 Pulverizes a single enemy with the force of a thunderbolt Yes No
Multishot 4 A hail of blows directed randomly against one or more enemies Yes No
Seraph’s Arrow 0 A secret technique that recovers more MP than Cherub’s Arrow Yes No
Shining Shot 10 An arrow attack that battles all enemies in a destructive magical light Yes No
Angel Eyes 4 A powerful glance capable of paralyzing a single enemy Yes No
Needle Rain 1 A rain of arrows that can occasionally obliterate all enemies in a single salvo Yes No
Mind Breaker 2 A superior club attack that dominates foes and renders them unable to attack Yes No
Penny Pincher 2 A special technique that steals gold coins from an enemy Yes No
Gold Rush 2 A powerful strike that steals an opponent’s gold coins as it inflicts damage Yes No
Devil Crusher 5 An esoteric club technique effective on demon and material family members Yes No
Thin Air 2 Generates a powerful vacuum-vortex that slices all enemies to ribbons Yes No
Miracle Moon 6 A miraculous technique that pummels all enemies while regenerating your own HP Yes No
Golden Oldies 15 A multi-hit battle royale from King Trode and friends Yes No
Toxic Sword 3 A sword-fighting technique which poisons an enemy with each strike Yes No
Big Banga 30 An enormous explosion that consumes everything in its path Yes No
Stainless Steal Sickle 0 An improved version of the Steal Sickle attack technique Yes No
Grimmer Reaper 3 The aura of Death incarnate annihilates the living and obliterates the undead Yes No
Hip Drop 0 Pelvic punishment! Curvaceous hips equal big damage Yes No
Pink Typhoon 5 A sudden typhoon that rips a group of enemies into ribbons Yes No
Multithrust 4 A flurry of repeated thrusts that can pierce multiple enemies Yes No
Lightning Storm 25 Strikes down all enemies with mighty thunderbolts Yes No
Lightning Thrust 3 Lands a critical hit when it connects Yes No
Falcon Slash 0 A double-slicing attacks, faster than a falcon on the wing Yes No
Gigaslash 20 A legendary sword technique for cutting down a group of enemies Yes No
Lashings of Love 4 Harness your inner passion to paralyze enemies Yes No
Queen’s Thong 2 A fearsome attack that steals the HP of a group of enemies Yes No
Serpent’s Bite 8 A technique that transforms your whip into a snake that attacks a group of enemies Yes No

Support Abilities

Ability Name MP Cost Effect Classification
In Battle On the Move
Defending Champion 0 A defensive ability that greatly reduces the damage inflicted by physical attacks Yes No
Warcry 0 A hideous battle cry that paralyzes a group of enemies with fear Yes No
Chilling Chuckle 3 A technique capable of reducing the tension of an entire group of enemies by a degree Yes  No
Sarcastic Snigger 3 Reduces a single enemy’s tension by one level Yes No
Underpants Dance 0 Paralyzes all enemies with embarrassment Yes No
Puff-puff 0 Charms and excites an enemy into paralyzed submission Yes No

Healing Abilities

Ability Name MP Cost Effect Classification
In Battle On the Move
Caduceus 0 A blessing from the heaven that restores a single party member’s HP Yes No
Hustle Dance 0 Restores at least 70 HP to all party members Yes No

Other Abilities

Ability Name MP Cost Effect Classification
In Battle On the Move
Padfoot 4 A secret technique for disguising your presence so as to avoid monster No Yes
Whistle 0 Summons monsters with a whistle No Yes
Nose for Treasure 0 Instantly reports the number of nearby treasures No Yes
Call Team 10 Call up your personal monster team Yes No
Gigagash 20 The ultimate sword technique. Utterly destroys a group of enemies Yes No


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