Tips and Tricks: Metal Slime Hunting Guide [Dragon Quest 8 3DS/ DQVIII 3DS]

This section contains basic information for hunting the Metal slime, Liquid metal slime and Metal king slime monsters in the 3DS Version of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. This will be updated when new information is revealed.

This section covers the monster Metal Slime in the 3DS version for Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. This guide explains basic information on the metal slime, the different classifications of the monster, farming locations, tips on how to encounter, tips on how to defeat the monsters, and recommended Character Abilities when battling the Metal slime monsters.

Metal Slime

This information will be updated when new information has been revealed.

The Metal Slime is a recurring creature throughout the game. However, this creature can be quite a pain to deal with due to it fleeing most of the time. Another thing to deal with is that it is immune to all magic and certain skills which can make it difficult to kill. They also have high levels of physical defense, reducing any incoming physical attacks easily.

To defeat them, there are three things to remember:

  1. Attack multiple times while raising tension
  2. Critical hits that can 1-hit K.O. Metal Slimes
  3. Raising your agility to get the initiative over the metal slime.

Metal Slime Farming Locations

In the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII, enemies lurking in dungeons are indicated by a symbol on the map. Once you approach an enemy, you will engage it in battle.

Enemies called Metal Slime are of particular interest in Dragon Quest VIII. Encountering them is quite rare, and they tend to flee the moment you engage them in battle. Vanquishing them however, nets you significant amounts of EXP to level up.

To easily grind EXP, you can actually force a Metal Slime to appear in certain areas. Below are some of the areas to look for Metal Slime.

Abbey Ruin

Dragon Quest VIII (3DS) Metal Slime at Abbey Ruin
Source: Youtube

In the Abbey Ruin, you can turn the camera and scan 360 degrees. Monster symbols change every time they come into your field of vision, so you can turn your camera until you make a Metal Slime to appear.

Riverside path near the church (Ascantha)

Dragon Quest VIII (3DS) Metal Slime Riverside Path Ascantha
Source: Youtube

Near the Ruined Abbey, head to the riverside church and walk to the dirt path by the side of the river. You may encounter Metal Slime in the area.

Forest west of the Royal Hunting Grounds (Royal Family’s Mountain)

Dragon Quest VIII (3DS) Metal Slime Royal Hunting Grounds
Source: Youtube

This area has a lot of other monsters in addition to Metal Slime that can be found in the area. It’s also good to level up here if you can’t defeat Dhoulmagus. This may arguably be the best spot to grind levels since only regular Metal Slime are found here (which are the easiest to kill out of all the Metal Slime variants) and are encountered in groups.

Trodain Castle

Dragon Quest VIII (3DS) Liquid Metal Slime Trodain Castle
Source: Youtube

There is a Liquid Metal Slime that appears in the area. You can scan the area using the camera, though the chance to make the Liquid Metal Slime appear is quite small. You can usually encounter it on the ground floor near the stairs to the 2nd floor.

Unmarked island on the far southwest of the map

Dragon Quest VIII (3DS) Liquid Metal Slime Unmarked Island
Source: Youtube

Many Liquid Metal Slime appear in this area. Unfortunately, it takes a while to reach the island and most of the enemies encountered while traveling at sea are incredibly strong.

Metal Slime Locations

Before Godbird Eyrie

  1. Unmarked Island – Look at the lower left of the map the lower left corner (Stray Metal Slime)
  2. Dragon Graveyard – what usually spawns here is the Metal King Slime with the Belzeebub
  3. Trodain – go to the royal hunting ground where you’ll spot a house. There’s a pathway west from where you’re standing. Zoom into the map and head towards a large clump of trees where the Liquid Metal Slime will spawn. There’s also another part of that same area where you head to the waterfall and have Yangus whistle for it.
  4. Ruined Abbey – this is one of the first places that you’ll encounter Metal Slimes so you won’t have most of the techniques.
  5. Slime Hill – all sorts of slime show up here.

After Godbird Eyrie

  1. Southern Beak – Look for the Hermit’s house and roam around near the fountain. The Metal Slimes have a higher probability of spawn at night. The area is near where you picked up the Flaming Boomerang.
  2. Near the Tower of Lydon (where Overlord Ono is) – different slimes spawn around the area.

Strategies for killing the Metal Slime

Ruined Abbey

In this case, the Metal Slime doesn’t spawn too much here. To defeat it, make sure that Jessica has accelerate to kick up the party’s agility. With that, you can outrun the Metal Slime. While Thunder Thrust and Executioner can work on lone targets, it’s much better to have the Hero use Metal Slash to bring it down. With the levelling up, it’s best not to spend too much time there as the proportion gets smaller as you level up.


In Trodain, Liquid Metal Slimes spawn nearby and give more EXP than regular normal Metal Slimes. But because there’s not much equipment to work with, just make sure you have the right ones. Give the Hero a Spear to have access to Lightning Thrust while Yangus will have Executioner. Using these two techniques, these will whittle down the HP of the Liquid Metal Slime down faster. Also, make sure that Jessica has a tambourine which allows her to cast Accelerate on the party to keep them up to speed.

Dragon Graveyard

The Dragon Graveyard is a little more complicated than the others. However, this place is the most rewarding. In the Dragon Graveyard, the Metal King Slime has a higher chance of spawning. When this does happen however, a Beelzebub will spawn with it. There are three phases: 1) Kill the Metal King Slime, 2) Bolster your party, and 3) Take down the Beelzebub.

  1. Kill the Metal King Slime – Take down this creature first. Use the Lightning Thrust (Hero) and the Executioner (Yangus) to bring down to the Metal King Slime quickly. Don’t hit the Beelzebub.
  2. Bolster yourself – While bolstering yourself, the King Metal Slime has the ability to use Kerplunk which will bring back the King Metal Slime back. By doing so, you get another 30,000 EXP after killing it. This can go on. The important thing is getting the agility to 999 and having either Angelo or the Hero at full tension, equipped with the Falcon Blade while using Metal Slash.
  3. Kill the Beelzebub – In this case, take track of which Beelzebub you intend to use to bring back the King Metal Slime. Also, make sure that you have either Angelo and the Hero at full tension so they can one-shot the Metal King Slimes without a problem.

When the Beelzebub’s MP’s used up then, put it out of its misery. With this, you should at least gain 120, 000 exp.

Hunting for Metal slimes

Source: Square Enix
  1. For the 3DS version, there is an area that is easily accessible at the beginning of the game which allows grinding for levels by hunting Metal Slime.

  2. The Metal slime spawns along the river of the Kingdom of Ascantha which connects to the hill of wish. Since its spawn rate is low during the day, it is recommended to hunt for it during evening.

  3. Metal Slime spawns at a high rate. For the 3DS Version, when it has covered a certain distance, the monster Metal slime will stop moving. Therefore it is easier to encounter.

4. In addition, contrary to the PS2 Version, the 3DS has a feature which allows you to safely encounter the Metal slime. If the monster’s exclamation point appears, you can alter this symbol by tilting the camera angle in a way that the exclamation is not caught by the camera. This may be done at a certain distance.

5. In order to defeat the monster, it is recommended to attack it by attacking with Yangus, Angelo’s metal slash, and the Hero’s. Since the Metal slime may escape easily, it can be prevented if two characters keep attacking one Metal slime at time to effectively finish it off.

6. The red line shows the recommended location to hunt for Metal slime during evenings. It is possibly easier to encounter it on the south end.

1. Information provided: Yomeko. Many meta slimes appeared near the mountain of the royal family of Argonia.

2. If the hero and Angelo both attack the Metal slime, it is possible to defeat one for one turn.

Hunting for Liquid metal slimes

Source: Square Enix
  1. In addition, Liquid metal slime may be hunted inside the Trodain Castle.

2. Similar to the above mentioned steps, by adjusting the camera angles, it is possible to encounter Liquid metal slime easier. Even though Liquid metal slime spawns anywhere inside the castle, be wary of the exclamation in order to encounter it successfully. One of the recommended coordinates on the map is the west end of the south passage on the 3rd Floor (this can be identified through the stairs which connects to the room with barrier). Since this portion of the map is blocked by a dead end, it can prevent any spawned Liquid metal slime from escaping.

3. Be wary as the Liquid Metal slime’s HP is double of the metal slime’s, therefore if the damage dealt by the current characters isn’t enough, it might flee. Thus it is recommended to acquire both of these skills as these increase your chances of defeating the monsters: the hero’s thunder thrust skill, and Yangus’ Hatchet Man skill before attempting to hunt Liquid metal slimes.

Hunting for Metal king slimes

Source: Square Enix
  1. A stronger variant of Metal slime is the Metal king slime which can be easily encountered with the same method of using the 3DS’ camera.

2. Metal king slime spawns at the Dragon Graveyard. Inside the graveyard, it spawns east of the entrance.
3. Metal king slime has quadruple HP than that of a Metal slime. In order to defeat it, the Hero must use thunder thrust skill, while Yangus must use Hatchet Man skill.

  1. When you encounter a Metal king slime, it might appear with Dragurn as a support. It is also possible to encounter several Dragurn, therefore firepower must be high in order to defeat them.

Higher level near Rydon’s tower (Slime Hill)

1. The grinding area known as Slime Hill (Grotto) which is north of Rydon’s Tower is also a recommended location to grind for levels. It was accessible during the final stages of the PS2 version, this also exists in the 3DS as well. It is marked by an orange color on the map.

  1. Similar to the above mentioned examples, it is more efficient to encounter Metal king slime by adjusting the 3DS camera.

3. Apart from Metal king slime, several Liquid Metal slime also spawn in this area. If you cannot encounter a Metal king slime, defeating multiple Liquid metal slime is a good alternative.

Leveling inside the Corridor of Memories

  1. A new area introduced in the 3DS version is the Corridor of Memories. This area does not normally have any monsters but if the red part of the map has been accessed, it is possible to encounter them. The north passage marked in red is accessible only when you have defeated Dhoulmagus’s second form; whereas the south passage marked in red requires that you defeat Crow’s reminiscence.

  2. This is the part that is a shortcut to the corridor. In the stone monument, there is a phrase “Person who wants further growth, only visible enemies feel breath of all who are not all …” This is because there is no symbol by using Yangus’s “Kochie” Means to be able to meet enemies.

3. The 3 different slime monsters: Metal, Liquid Metal, and Metal king slime may be encountered once the south passage has been opened. This can be accessed by defeating reminiscent Crow. Although Metal king slime’s spawn rate is lower than the others, it is possible to encounter Metal king slime x3.

4. The north passage can be accessed only after defeating Dhoulmagus. It is possible to encounter Metal king slime x3 in this passage as well.

5. In order to access the north passage, the members of the party should be at least 90. This area is effective in leveling the party members from 90 to 99 by defeating Metal king slime.

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