Sandy Guide [Dragon Quest VIII/DQ8]

What is Sandy? 

Sandy (or Stella) is a tanned, blonde, fairy-like creature that will rarely appear at specific and various places in Dragon Quest 8.

Taking pictures of Sandy completes photo quests numbers 138-142. You need to take pictures of five variants of Sandy.

No.138 Red Sandy
No.139 Orange Sandy
No.140 Green Sandy
No.141 Blue Sandy
No. 142 Purple Sandy

When you find and talk to Sandy, you’ll get an item.

First Encounter:

  1. Genki Ball (Red Sandy)
  2. Gold (Orange Sandy)
  3. Oricahlcum (Blue Sandy)
  4. Seeds x 5 (Green Sandy)
  5. Tane x5 (Purple Sandy)

Second Encounter

  1. Elf Drink Drug
  2. Yellow Sea Life
  3. Genki Ball  

Sandy’s Appearance Conditions 

Sandy’s Photo Event appears when you arrive at the Dragon Tribe Village after clearing it. She appears after you finish that event.

Features of Sandy 

  1. Randomly appears, varying in color and location.
  2. Once she is found, she doesn’t reappear until the timer resets at midnight.
  3. She appears irrespective of game time, day or night.
  4. She apepars even when you are using golperling equipment and tororos.
  5. This isn’t a problem if you are on a killer puncher.
  6. The event will be confirmed even from a faraway place.
  7. She doesn’t disappear even when you leave the area.
  8. Sandy doesn’t disappear even when the 3DS is closed.
  9. She won’t disappear even if you move to a different area or fight against enemies.
  10. She won’t disappear even if you move to a place you can’t see.
  11. After your conversation, you interrupt and resume the conversation, she disappears.
  12. After the conversation, she disappears, when you move to a different place, town, or dungeon.

Where does Sandy appear?

  1.  Torapetta, southeast of a Red Tree. 

    Torapetta location guide taken from:
  2. Northwest of the inkeeping lodges in Ascanta 

    Ascanta location guide taken from:
  3. Labyrinth east of the Keel 

    Labyrinth location guide taken from:
  4. Okunisu, south of the Two Trees

    Okunisu location guide taken from:
  5. Laetitia, southeast of some trees. 

    Laetitia location guide taken from:


How Sandy Emerges 

Sandy only appears once a day. This resets at midnight. There’s a low probablility of appearance when you switch screens while entering or leaving towns and dungeons.

Once she appears, she will not disappear, even when you enter or leave the area until you speak to it.

Sandy Appearance Method: 

  1. Save in front of the town or dungeon.
  2. Go in and out of town, dungeon, or field many times. Note: If you leave the bottom of the stick in a town where there is no door, you can repeat the entrance and exit automatically.
  3. Repeat entering and leaving for about 15 minutes.
  4. Go to the five places Sandy appears.
  5. If Sandy has not appeared, go back to step 1.

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Sandy isn’t showing up at midnight for me, ever. Does the game have to be on or off for this to occur? I’ve spawned her randomly a few times, and am only hunting her purple dress form. Help please.

She doesn’t spawn at midnight, she can spawn anytime. You can encounter only one Sandy per day and at midnight the spawn chance resets to zero. This means that if you meet her you’ll have to wait until midnight (real world time) to get another spawn.