How to Master the Recommended Abilities [Dragon Quest 8 3DS/ DQVIII 3DS]

Learn the basics on allocating skill points necessary for assigning roles for your party!

This section contains information on the recommended abilities for which the skill points are allocated in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. Details such as where to put skill points during the early stages, which abilities work best for weak monsters, boss monsters and metal slimes, and new skills for the 3DS exclusive characters are also categorized.

Note: We are still in the process of updating data on this section. Check back regularly for changes and updates on the recommended abilities.


The bulk of the abilities should focus on the Hero’s Sword Ability? and Courage Ability?.

The Sword Ability and Courage Ability should go in tandem with each other. To combat weak monster battles? and boss battles, the Sword Ability should be raised, especially Falcon Slash?. Whereas Courage Ability? skill points should be spent until 52P to master Falcon Slash?.

When it comes to metal slime hunting, the Courage Ability? should be raised alongside the Spear Ability?. It is recommended to master the Spear ability and invest until 59 Points (P) to master Lightning Thrust?.

This skill point distribution is not only effective for the Main Story but also for Post-Game and Hidden Boss Battles. As mentioned above, allocate more skill points to master the Sword? and Courage? abilities.

When there is sufficient skill points invested on Falcon Slash?, the Hero will deal 4 consecutive hits which is boosted by tension? for each hit. This allows him to deal a significant amount of damage when used properly.


Points should be allocated to the Fisticuffs ability to obtain around 42P for Thin Air?. This ability allows Yangus to deal tremendous amounts of damage against multiple weak monsters.

It is also necessary to allocate points to Fighting or Attack Skill?, therefore investing points to Padfoot? is beneficial during the early stages of the game. Begin by allocating 42P to Thin Air?.

When this minimum is achieved, Yangus can branch out by investing on other skill points such as Axe?, Scythe?, and Humanity? abilities.

By this time, Yangus can either focus on combat-based or Item-drop based abilities. For combat, allocate skill points to Axe? ability while for item-drop based ones, save points for Scythe? ability.

Further, item-drop based abilities can be complemented by Humanity? ability. Make sure to have at least 16P to master Nose for treasure? ability.

If items are not much of a concern, simply focus on the Axe? Ability.


Focus heavily on Staves Ability? first then once you have maxed the cap, allocate the rest of your skill points to Sex Appeal? ability.

Distribute 100 skill points to Staves ability to maximize it at level 38.


Similar to Jessica, prioritize on distributing skill points to the Staves? Ability, this allows Angelo to obtain 100 skill points for Staves abilities at Lv. 38. Apart from using spells, Angelo can also support the Hero by investing in Sword skills. Therefore, he should be given 40 skill points to Sword Ability to obtain Falcon Slash?.

3DS Exclusive Characters


Focus on Red’s アウトロー(Outlaw?) and allocate 81 skill points to 最大(Maximum?)HP+30.

Start with 扇(Fan?) ability by allocating 82P to 精霊の舞(Revival Dance?) ability. Then allocate the rest to 短剣(Dagger?) ability by saving 100P for キラージャグリング(Killer Juggling?).


For Morrie’s Build, first prioritize ねっけつスキル(Passion Ability?) by investing 88 skill points to ザオリク(Kazing?).

In terms of combat, increasing tension should be complemented with the ツメスキル(Claw Ability?). Allocate 66 skill points to ゴールドフィンガー(Shining Finger?), and if desired, Morrie is capable of Oomph? distribute 100 skill points to  ゴッドスマッシュ(Godly Thrashing?).

For metal slime hunting, distribute skill points to 打撃スキル(Club Ability?) and place 93 P to まじんのかなづち(Hela’s hammer?).

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