Vehicles List [Dragon Quest 8 3DS/ DQVIII 3DS]

This article contains information on the different vehicles used in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

Note that information on this section will be updated when new information is revealed.

What are Vehicles?

For the Main series, a vehicle is used as means of transportation to access areas that cannot be reached by walking. When using the vehicle, the overworld map is shown. Although these cannot be used after starting a new game, vehicles can be used when certain conditions have been met.

Types of Vehicles

The Ship

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The ship is a mode of transportation that is used to travel on water. A bridge can be accessed for docking when the player has finally reached the land. The bridge can be adjusted so that docking on shorter cliffs is possible.

To dock, sail until you reach the shore and push the left analog stick? to the direction of the target destination.

If you move south of Kingdom of Trodain, you can find the Ancient ship in a desert.

In order to use the ship for travelling, you must first obtain the key item Moonshadow Harp and bring it back to Ishmari.

Great Sabrecat

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By ringing Baumren’s bell, the Great Sabrecat can be summoned as an aid by the hero. While mounted, the hero can travel faster on land. Since the Japanese release has removed random encounters on the 3DS port, it is possible to move past enemies faster.


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Apart from travelling by sea and land, the hero can also use a Soulstone to travel by air since it allows the party to transform into birds.

Godbird Soulstone

Source: Square Enix

This item is obtainable during the game’s later stages. It allows the use of the ambient version of Heavenly Flight.

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