Possible 3DS Changes and Additions [Dragon Quest 8 3DS/ DQVIII 3DS]

Find out what has been altered and added for the 3DS release of Dragon Quest VIII!

This article summarizes the following possible 3DS changes to the Western Release of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

This information will be updated when new information has been revealed.

Possible Version differences between the Original PS2 and the 3DS version

Note that these were already implemented on the Japanese version. Similarly, the previous Western release of Dragon Quest VII has not differed from the Japanese one.

General changes

  1. Quality of Life Change: As opposed to just saving inside Churches as in the original, the addition of Quick-Save allows you to save anywhere.
Source: Youtube
  1. As opposed to the PS2 version, the dungeons now have gimmicks.
  2. New scenarios and events:
    -Scenarios which feature back story for the Hero and Dhoulmagus.
    New bosses:
    Jahagaros event
    Estark event
    -Corridor of Memories added after clearing element added
    -Ending acquired depends on the events activated upon finishing the Game.
  3. Some boss fights are more difficult as party members increase.
  4. Players can take and edit photos everywhere while playing.
Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube
  1. The Addition of the new mechanic are the Photo Quest. The objective is to take snapshots of monsters and items that are difficult to find. If you decide to take on a Photo Quest you will be rewarded with a stamp upon completion. If you have collected a certain number of stamps, you can exchange these for various rewards. The number of stamps rewarded will be determined by the difficulty of the Photo Quest assigned to you.

  2. There are cutscene changes such as: Marcello’s cutscene and David’s cutscene.

  3. New Ending.
  4. Additional Post-game content.
  5. The addition of the new mini-game: Monster Arena.
Source: Youtube
  1. Similar to Dragon Quest VII, it features the original recordings from the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.

  2. Two new characters: Red and Morrie join the fray.

Source: Square Enix

Combat related

  1. Addition of the Symbol encounter mechanic – you can encounter the visible monster by approaching it on the field (No random encounters).
Source: Youtube
  1. You can adjust the animation speed to Fast Mode during battle.
Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube
  1. Additional New Monsters: Crème caraslime and Morrie devil (Photo Quest).

Source: Square Enix
  1. Additional EXP and gold obtained from enemies are higher.
  2. The Hero’s HP and MP fully recovers upon leveling up.

Skill System related

  1. The main character acquires the strongest Attack “Dragon soul.” Deals approximately 450 damage to a monster.
  2. Jessica’s Twin Dragon Lash is nerfed (from 150% damage per strike to now 90% damage per strike).
  3. The additional effect of the Helm Splitter changed (from 50% defense to now 25% defense).
  4. Increased Skill points given to the hero and Angelo during early stage of the game.
  5. The power of Yangus increases when level goes beyond Lv 20.
  6. Morrie and Red acquire new skills.
  7. Oomph effect is buffed (from 1.8 times to now 2 times damage).
  8. HP resilience of wise men changed from 80 to 100 to 60 to 80.

Item drop related changes

  1. Dungeon maps will be obtained immediately.

Treasure chest which contained the map in the PS2 version now contain gold.

(PS2 → 3DS)

  1. Treasure chest south of Empycchu: Seed of agility → Mini medal
  2. Godbird’s Eyrie: Dragon dung → Gold Nugget
  3. Triangular Valley: Chunky Cheese → Slime Crown
  4. Dark Empycchu: Dragon dung → Icicle Dirk
  5. Added: Small medal to each Ground after Leticia
  6. Status up seed and Tree Nuts are easier to obtain.

Other changes

  1. Maeela Monastery, Sacred Grove, BGM of Savella Cathedral was added
  2. Added about 20 fellow monsters including Mischievous Mole, Mushroom Mage etc.
  3. In the field, blue chests are added which contain items. Once obtained, the item will reappear after a period of time.
  4. The Hero can be assigned as AI during combat. The Hero cannot be replaced when the party roster goes beyond 4.
  5. Don Mole drops claws of elves, and dogs. Sir Leopold drops clothes.
  6. Replacement of small medals Premiums, after 100 sheets changed.
  7. When the ingredient is put in the alchemy pot it will be finished instantly.
  8. New costumes, and changes to some of Jessica’s costumes.
  9. Addition of the purple treasure chest at Corridor of Memories.

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