Weapons List [Dragon Quest 8 3DS/ DQVIII 3DS]

This section contains information on the different weapons obtainable in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. Details including the weapon class, weapon name, compatible character, effect, how to obtain, and price are summarized.

Note that this section will be updated when new information is revealed.


In Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King there are over 11 types of weapons. Each playable character gains a chance to equip a weapon that their skill sets grants them to (an exception to this are Flails which don’t require any skill point allocation from Yangus).

Weapon types

Some weapon types are exclusive to certain characters, but some can be equipped by multiple characters which make them versatile during combat as other roles can be assigned to the same character if desired.
These are classified in order of increasing attack value. Although it may seem wise to equip a weapon due to attack power alone, bear in mind that some weapons have special effects to make them as effective if not even more than the one without the add-ons.

Hero’s, Angelo’s and Jessica’s* Weapons

*Jessica will be able to use Swords when there are 30 points in her Knife skill.

The tables summarized show the 11 types of weapons arranged in terms of category: Swords, Spears, Boomerangs, Axes, Clubs, Scythes, Flails, Knives, Whips, Staves, and Bows.



Name Character Effect How to Obtain Price

Cypress Stick
Hero Attack 4 Farebury (cabinet chest) 10

Soldier’s Sword
Hero Attack 8 Hero’s starting equipment N/A

Stone Sword
Hero Jessica Attack 12 (cannot be sold/ dropped) Received from townsperson in Arcadia N/A

Copper Sword
Hero Jessica Attack 13 Waterfall Cave (chest) 270

Angelo Attack 17 Angelo’s starting equipment 300

Steel Broadsword
Hero Jessica Attack 35 Kingdom of Ascantha (chest) 2000
Templar’s Sword Angelo Attack 36 Trodain Castle (chest) N/A

Falcon Blade
Herro Jessica Angelo Attack 37 (attacks twice) Baccarat (10000 tokens) N/A

Rusty Old Sword
Hero Jessica Attack 45 (cannot be sold/dropped) Trodain Castle (chest) N/A

Holy Silver Rapier
Angelo Attack 54 Blizzard Peaks (chest) 6600
Zombiesbane Hero Jessica Attack 54 (deals additional damage to zombie-type monsters) Bought from Argonia (during/after bazaar) 6300

Über Falcon Blade
Hero Jessica Angelo Attack 55 (attacks twice) Alchemy only N/A

Dream Blade
Hero Jessica Angelo Attack 43 (Sometimes puts attack enemies to sleep when used in combat has Snooze spell effect) Bought from Peddler’s Tent Desert Chapel Neos and Peddler in Neos (after certain events) 4700
Platinum Sword Hero Jessica Angelo Attack 40 Uncharted Island in Southwest Ocean (chest) N/A

Fallen Angel Rapier
Angelo Attack 61 (sometimes confuses attacked enemies) Alchemy only N/A

Bastard Sword
Hero Jessica Attack 62 Bought from Arcadia 8000

Zombie Slayer
Hero Jessica Attack 65 (Deals additional damage to zombie-type monsters) Alchemy only N/A
Dragonsbane Hero Jessica Attack 72 (Deals additional damage to dragon monsters) Bought from Orkutsk Tryan Gully 11000

Double-edged Sword
Hero Jessica Attack 76 (Curses wielder when equipped deals damage to wielder when wielder damages a foe) Princess Minnie’s Castle (chest) N/A

Über Double-edge
Hero Jessica Attack 76 (Deals additional damage to foe when foe is struck) Alchemy only N/A
Mercury’s Rapier Angelo Attack 78 (Agility +20 while equipped) Bought from Empycchu Dark Empycchu 10500

Miracle Sword
Hero Jessica Attack 80 (Recovers a percentage of damage dealt as HP) Obtained from Princess Minnie (68 mini medals) N/A

Dragon Slayer
Hero Jessica Attack 83 (Deals additional damage to dragon monsters) Alchemy only N/A

Blizzard Blade
Hero Jessica Attack 90 (Deals additional ice-based damage to target) Bought from Tryan Gully 21000

Über Miracle Sword
Hero Jessica Attack 95 (Recovers a highers percentage of damage dealt as HP) Alchemy only N/A

Hell Sabre
Angelo Attack 99 Trolls’ Maze (chest) N/A
Shamshir of Light Angelo Attack 110 Alchemy only N/A

Liquid Metal Sword
Hero, Jessica, Angelo Attack 118 (Deals 2 points of damage to metal creatures) Alchemy only N/A


Name Character Effect How to Obtain Price

Iron Lance
Hero Attack 24 Bought from Port Prospect Peregrin Quay 750

Long Spear
Hero Attack 30 Bought from Simpleton 1700

Holy Lance
Hero Attack 39 Bought from Pickham 2700

Battle Fork
Hero Attack 42 Argonia (chest) N/A

Hero Attack 44 Nought from Argonia and Savella Cathedral 4400
Sandstorm Spear Hero Attack 67 (When used in combat may hit all enemies with a dazzle spell effect) Alchemy only N/A

Demon Spear
Hero Attack 86 (May kill the enemy with a single hit) Alchemy only N/A

Hero Spear
Hero Attack 100 (Recovers a percentage of damage dealt as HP) Monster Arena Prize (Rank A) N/A

Metal King Spear
Hero Attack 120 Unknown… (chest) N/A


Name Character Effect How to Obtain Price

Hero Attack 19 (Hits all enemies) Peregrin Quay (chest) 420

Edged Boomerang
Hero Attack 27 Orkutsk (chest) 1560

Reinforced Boomerang
Hero Attack 32 (Hits all enemies) Alchemy only N/A

Razor Wing Boomerang
Hero Attack 42 (Hits all enemies) Bought from Argonia (during/after bazaar) 3800

Hero Attack 53 (Hits all enemies) Bought from Arcadia and Orkutsk 6800

Flametang Boomerang
Hero Attack 63 (Hits all enemies) W Argonia (chest) N/A

Metal Wing Boomerang
Hero Attack 90 (Hits all enemies deals damage to metal-type enemies more easily) Alchemy only N/A

Yangus’s Weapons


Name Character Effect How to Obtain Price

Stone Axe
Yangus Attack 20 Maella Region (chest) 550

Golden Axe
Yangus Attack 27 Alchemy only N/A

Iron Axe
Yangus Attack 38 Argonia (cabinet) 2600

Yangus Attack 45 Bought from Argonia 4300

Bandit Axe
Yangus Attack 55 Received from Dodgy Dave at Pickham Black Market (after certain accomplishments) N/A

Moon Axe
Yangus Attack 60 Argonia (chest) N/A

King Axe
Yangus Attack 80 Bought from Orkutsk and Tryan Gully 17000

Conquerer’s Axe
Yangus Attack 103 Howlwind Hill in Arcadia Region (chest) N/A


Name Character Effect How to Obtain Price

Oaken Club
Yangus Attack 7 Yangus’s starting equipment 110

Giant Mallet
Yangus Attack 13 Arcadia (chest) 240

Yangus Attack 33 Kingdom of Trodain (chest) 1700

War Hammer
Yangus Attack 51 Bought from Argonia (during/after bazaar) 6700

Über War Hammer
Yangus Attack 69 Alchemy only N/A

Megaton Hammer
Yangus Attack 108 (Increases odds of critical hits) Alchemy only N/A


Name Character Effect How to Obtain Price

Farmer’s Scythe
Yangus Attack 28 Pickham Region (chest) 910

Steel Scythe
Yangus Attack 42 Bought from Baccarat Savella Cathedral and Neos 3700

Hell Scythe
Yangus Attack 65 (May paralyze enemies it hits) Bought from Arcadia 9500

Bardiche of Binding
Yangus Attack 83, Deals additional damage to demon enemies. (May silence enemies it hits) Monster Arena Prize (Rank B) N/A

Heavy Hatchet
Yangus Attack 110 Bought from Tryan Gully 29000


Name Character Effect How to Obtain Price

Flail of Fury
Yangus Attack 93, Hits each enemy in a group (cannot be sold or dropped) Obtained at Red’s Den (after certain events) N/A

Flail of Destruction
Yangus Attack 125 (hits all enemies) Obtained from Princess Minnie (110 mini medals) N/A

Jessica’s Weapons


Name Character Effect How to Obtain Price

Poison Needle
Jessica Attack 0* (*Always deals only 1 damage but may kill non-boss foes in a single hit) Bought from Baccarat 1900

Bronze Knife
Jessica Attack 9 Ferry (chest) Uncharted Island west of Maella Abbey (chest) 130

Jessica Attack 18 Farebury (chest) 350

Poison Moth Knife
Jessica Attack 29 (May paralyze enemies it hits) Arcadia (cabinet) 950

Falcon Knife
Jessica Attack 34 (Attacks twice) Bought from Argonia (during/after bazaar) and Orkutsk 7700
Assassin’s Dagger Jessica Attacks 37 Arcadia Region (chest) N/A

Sword Breaker
Jessica Attacks 56 Bought from Arcadia N/A


Name Character Effect How to Obtain Price

Leather Whip
Jessica Attack 6 (Hits each enemy in a group) Jessica’s starting equipment N/A

Thorn Whip
Jessica Attack 14 (Hits each enemy in a group) Bought from Peregrin Quay and Simpleton 350

Snakeskin Whip
Jessica Attack 23 (Hits each enemy in a group) Monster drop N/A

Chain Whip
Jessica Attack 32 (Hits each enemy in a group) Bought from Argonia (during/after bazaar) and Neos 2200

Dragontail Whip
Jessica Attack 47 (Hits each enemy in a group) Alchemy only N/A

Spiked Steel Whip
Jessica Attack 62 (vits each enemy in a group) Red’s Den (chest) 8300

Demon Whip
Jessica Attack 72 (Hits each enemy in a group. Curses wielder when equipped wielder is unable to move in first turn of combat) Dark Godbird’s Eyrie (chest) N/A

Scourge Whip
Jessica Attack 99 (Hits each enemy in a group) Alchemy only N/A
GringhamWhip Jessica Attack 127 (Hits all enemies) Baccarat (200000 tokens) N/A

Jessica and Angelo’s Weapons


Name Character Effect How to Obtain Price

Wizard’s Staff
Jessica Angelo Attack 15 (When used in combat casts Frizz at a single target for 11-22 points of damage) Wisher’s Peak (chest) Arcadia (cabinet) 1300

Lightning Staff
Jessica Angelo Attack 24 (When used in combat casts zap at a single target for 29-38 points of damage) W Argonia (chest) N/A

Magma Staff
Jessica Angelo Attack 28 (When used in combat casts Bang on all enemies for 20-40 points of damage) Alchemy only N/A

Rune Staff
Jessica Angelo Attack 30 (When used in combat casts Kabuff to raise defence of all party members) Pickham (chest) N/A

Staff of Divine Wrath
Jessica Angelo Attack 35 (When used in combat casts Swoosh on one enemy group for 32-64 points of damage) Obtained from Princess Minnie (45 mini medals) N/A

Staff of Antimagic
Jessica Angelo Attack 41 (When used in combat casts Fizzle on an enemy group) Tryan Gully (chest) N/A

Staff of Resurrection
Jessica Angelo Attack 77 (When used in combat casts Zing on ally 50% chance of resurrection) Bought from Tryan Gully 45000

Magical Mace
Jessica Angelo Attack 79 (May absorb MP from enemies you hit) Isolated Plateau (chest) 9000

Angelo’s Weapons


Name Character Effect How to Obtain Price

Short Bow
Angelo Attack 23 Bought from Ascantha 750

Hunter’s Bow
Angelo Attack 30 Bought from Pickham 1700

Eros’ Bow
Angelo Attack 45 (May confuse enemies it hits) Alchemy only N/A

Cheiron’s Bow
Angelo Attack 63 Rydon’s Tower (chest) N/A

Great Bow
Angelo Attack 95 Bought from Tryan Gully 28000

Odin’s Bow
Angelo Attack 125 Alchemy only N/A

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