Infinite Money Farming [Dragon Quest 8 3DS/ DQVIII 3DS]


Dragon Quest VIII Alchemy Pot

Items crafted through Alchemy can be sold in stores. Over time however, selling crafted items will cause its selling price to go down until it only sells for the total amount of gold you used to make it. You won’t be making any profit by then. But there is a way to make infinite money in the game.

Fortunately, there is one crafted item that is not affected by the gradual selling price drop — Super Spicy Cheese. You will always be selling it for 600G no matter how many times you’ve crafted and sold it in shops.

What you’ll need

Dragon Quest VIII Super Spicy Cheese
  • Fresh Milk x1
  • Rennet Powder x1
  • Red Mould x3

You can buy these items for a total of 130G at the Southern Beak Bazaar once it opens.

Making Super Spicy Cheese

  1. First, make Plain Cheese using Fresh Milk  and Rennet Powder.
  2. Then, make Spicy Cheese using Plain Cheese and Red Mould x1.
  3. Last, make Super Spicy Cheese using Spicy Cheese and Red Mould x2.

Note: When making each type of cheese on the Alchemy menu, you can press the right directional pad to make as much what your available ingredients allow.

When selling it in shops, press the Y button to sell all Super Spicy Cheese in your inventor to save time.

If you bought out all the necessary ingredients to as much as you can carry (999), you will be a maximum of 333 Super Spicy Cheese. This will earn a total profit of 150,000G. Rinse and repeat and you’ll soon have infinite money in the game.


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I tried this, too, and it only sold for 131 gold in the bazaar shops. Do you need to try to sell it elsewhere for the bigger profits?

Totally not worth it. Better to go get the gold guys on Neos!!

Yeah, Im only selling for 131 gold for American 3ds either. Its technically a profit, but only at like 100 gold profit for 99 SSCheese. If I got it up to 999 SSCheese, it should still be the same I think, as the material costs would multiply by the same

Yeah, just did the math. At maxing the recipe, you would only get 999 gold for profit. Hardly worth the effort. What a disappointment
2997 mould(30g) = 89,910gold
999 milk(30g) = 29,970gold
999 powder(10g) = 9990gold
= 129,870gold
999 SSCheese sold = 130,869gold. 999 gold profit

Doesn’t work for the American version for 3ds either

Heyo, just tried this on the european 3DS version but it seems to be fixed? Super Spicy Cheese was only selling for 130 gold each. ????