Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monsters List

List of all Monsters in Dragon's Dogma 2 (Dragon's Dogma II) including all monsters' name, in-game description, location, and other details.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monsters List

Monsters List and Guide for Dragon’s Dogma 2

This page contains an overview and guide of all the confirmed Monsters in Dragons Dogma II (Dragon’s Dogma 2), including all monsters’ name, in-game description, location, and other details.

Name Game Description Location
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster GoblinsGoblins Armed demons that are smaller in stature than most humans. They possess limited intelligence, but are ferocious and move by instinct. They become hostile and attack in packs if their turf is invaded. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster WolvesWolves They hunt in packs! They are often found roaming the nearby forests and mountain areas. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster HarpiesHarpies Eerie, flying creatures with an upper body that resembles that of a human female. They often hover above in the skies, ready to strike. Their hypnotic screeched can lull you to sleep, exposing you to their sharp bird-like talons. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster SaurianSaurian Evolved from the lizard family, the scaly saurians mostly dwell near water and wield spear-like weapons. Dismembering their tails can weaken them and make them lose their will to fight. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster HobgoblinsHobgoblins A higher class of goblin with a more developed statue. They are experts at hunting prey with flawless movements, and also skilled at handling weapons. ?
Drake A monster of the dragon family, the Drake spits out powerful flames. It also possesses the intelligence to skillfully manipulate magic. If you encounter one, be prepared for an all-out battle. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster DullahanDullahan It is a knight covered in a spiritual purple flame, cradling his own head in his arm. He engages in deadly swordplay with a firm stance. In the dark, he transforms into black mist and stalks the living. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster TalosTalos The bronze giant from the legends. Rising from the sea, its massive frame can walk over valleys with ease. Just like a divine punishment, it mercilessly brings chaos to the land. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster WightWight It is a priest’s spirit that still holds a grudge, eventually becoming a monster. It hides in darkness, casting powerful spells in succession from the sky. It makes upfront fights difficult by wielding a huge amount of magick. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster KnackerKnacker It is a type of goblin that wields a long weapon. They are agile on elevated terrain, and good at raiding from higher ground. Underestimate their mobility and you may be easily overpowered. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster MinotaursMinotaurs Ferocious and extremely fierce bull-headed monsters. A single hit from their battle axe or charge attack can prove to be fatal. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster CyclopsCyclops Monstrously strong one-eyed giants. They wield huge weapons with ease and won’t back down from a fight. Strike their lone eye with ranged attacks, or test your bravery by climbing and attacking the eye directly. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster RattlerRattler Four-legged beasts whose back seems to be covered in rocks. They appear in mountainous terrains, and can be mistaken for a giant, rolling boulder. Try to knock them down and aim for the weak spot on their stomach. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster ChopperChopper A type of goblin that lurks in the shadows of the deep forest. Quick on their feet, these pesky foes excel at ambushing and taking advantage of the terrain in they dwell. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster GriffinGriffin Giant monsters with the wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. They soar high and circle in the sky, striking once spotting their prey. There is nowhere to hide in this giant bird’s territory. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster UndeadUndead Rotting corpses, reanimated by the forces of evil. They appear in the darkness, sniffing out and attacking the living. Fortunately, they are vulnerable to fire and holy attacks. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster SkeletonSkeleton Immortal monsters that perpetually wander in death. Though they are nothing but bones, the curse placed upon them allows them to keep moving. Beware of their fast movements, lest you with to get hurt. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster SlimeSlime Slimes can crawl slowly through complex terrain as the substances in their bodies dissolve enemies that get in the way. Physical attacks have no effect against this monster. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster OgreOgre The heinous-looking ogre is known for its formidable strength and its liking for women, whose smell it pursues relentlessly, captures, and then attempts to devour. Although large in size, be wary of its speed as it rushed towards you. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster GolemGolem Artificial life-forms created by sorcerers, made of a strong impenetrable rock structure that repels magick and physical attacks. The only way to halt its movement is to break the medals on its body. ?
Dragon's Dogma 2 - Monster ChimeraChimera Four-legged, three-headed monsters bearing the visages of a lion, a goat and a serpent. Each head has its own method of attack, including the ability to bite, cast magick and poison foes. ?

Source: Official Dragon’s Dogma 2 Website

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Shields Staves
Daggers Bows
Greatswords Hammers
Maces Archstaves
Magickal Bows Duospears
Armor and Accessories
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Armor Sets Head Armor
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Cloaks Rings
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Skills and Magic

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Enhancements and Upgrades

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Pawn Traits

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Enemies (Bestiary)

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Regular Enemies Large Enemies
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