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Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough and Guide Page containing MH Rise main storyline walkthroughs, strategy guides, hunter information, monster stats and guides, weapon lists, armor lists, decoration lists, materials list, quest lists, game databases, cheats, tips and tricks, news and updates, and more. Monster Hunter Rise is a single-player and multiplayer, action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom. Monster Hunter Rise is scheduled to release this March 26, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch and Early 2022 for PC.

News and Updates

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▼News and Updates


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Main Story Village Quests

1★ Village Quests

▼1★ Village Quests
Roly-Poly Lanterns Fungal Frustrations
Unpious Peons Great Izuchi Great Plain
Help with Maintenance

Village Quest List

Gathering Hub Quests

1★ Gathering Hub Quests

▼Gathering Hub Quests
Hot Topic Hooligans Off the Beaten Path
A Grizzly Encounter Wroggi Place, Wroggi Time

Gathering Hub Quest List

Arena and Challenge Quests

Arena and Challenge Quest List

Monster Guides

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New Monsters

▼All New Monsters
Monster Hunter Rise - Great Izuchi MonsterGreat Izuchi Monster Hunter Rise - Aknosom MonsterAknosom
Monster Hunter Rise - Tetranadon MonsterTetranadon Monster Hunter Rise - Magnamalo MonsterMagnamalo
Monster Hunter Rise - Bishaten MonsterBishaten Monster Hunter Rise - Somnacanth MonsterSomnacanth
Monster Hunter Rise - Yasukadaki MonsterRakna-Kadaki Monster Hunter Rise - Goss Harag MonsterGoss Harag
Monster Hunter Rise - AlmudronAlmudron Monster Hunter Rise - Unnamed Monster???

Returning Monsters

▼All Returning Monsters
Monster Hunter Rise - Royal Ludroth MonsterRoyal Ludroth Monster Hunter Rise - Great Wroggi MonsterGreat Wroggi
Monster Hunter Rise - Great Baggi MonsterGreat Baggi Monster Hunter Rise - Lagombi MonsterLagombi
Monster Hunter Rise - Tobi-Kadachi MonsterTobi-Kadachi Monster Hunter Rise - Khezu MonsterKhezu
Monster Hunter Rise - Mizutsune MonsterMizutsune Monster Hunter Rise - Barioth MonsterBarioth
Monster Hunter Rise - Tigrex MonsterTigrex Monster Hunter Rise - Arzuros MonsterArzuros
Monster Hunter Rise - Kulu-Ya-Ku MonsterKulu-Ya-Ku
Monster Hunter Rise - Pukei-Pukei MonsterPukei-Pukei
Monster Hunter Rise - Jyuratodus MonsterJyuratodos
Monster Hunter Rise - Rathian MonsterRathian
Monster Hunter Rise - Rathalos MonsterRathalos Monster Hunter Rise - Anjanath MonsterAnjanath
Monster Hunter Rise - Basarios MonsterBasarios Monster Hunter Rise - Volvidon MonsterVolvidon
Monster Hunter Rise - Diablos MonsterDiablos Monster Hunter Rise - Zinogre MonsterZinogre
Monster Hunter Rise - Nargacuga MonsterNargacuga Monster Hunter Rise - Chameleos MonsterChameleos
Monster Hunter Rise - Rajang MonsterRajang Tetsucabra
Barroth Valstrax

All Monsters

Monster Locale Guides

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▼Locale Map Guides
Monster Hunter Rise - Shrine Ruins Locale MapShrine Ruins Monster Hunter Rise - Flooded Forest Locale MapFlooded Forest
Monster Hunter Rise - Frost Islands Locale MapFrost Islands Monster Hunter Rise - Sandy Plains Locale MapSandy Plains
Monster Hunter Rise - Lava Caverns Locale MapLava Caverns

All Monster Locales

Hunter Guides

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Hunter Weapon Guides

▼All Hunter Weapon Combos and Guides
Monster Hunter Rise - Great Sword IconGreat Sword Weapon Guide Monster Hunter Rise - Long Sword IconLong Sword Weapon Guide
Monster Hunter Rise - Sword and Shield IconSword and Shield Weapon Guide Dual Blades Weapon Guide
Lance Weapon Guide
Gunlance Weapon Guide
Hammer Weapon Guide Hunting Horn Weapon Guide
Switch Axe Weapon Guide Charge Blade Weapon Guide
Insect Glaive Weapon Guide Light Bowgun Weapon Guide
Heavy Bowgun Weapon Guide Bow Weapon Guide

Hunter Weapon Skill Guides

▼All Hunter Weapon Skill Guides
Monster Hunter Rise - Great Sword IconGreat Sword Weapon Skills Monster Hunter Rise - Long Sword IconLong Sword Weapon Skills
Monster Hunter Rise - Sword and Shield IconSword and Shield Weapon Skills Dual Blades Weapon Skills
Lance Weapon Skills Gunlance Weapon Skills
Hammer Weapon Skills Hunting Horn Weapon Skills
Switch Axe Weapon Skills Charge Blade Weapon Skills
Insect Glaive Weapon Skills Light Bowgun Weapon Skills
Heavy Bowgun Weapon Skills Bow Weapon Skills

All Hunter Weapon Guides

Strategy Guides

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Pre-Release Information

▼All Pre-Release Information
Game Editions and Pre-order Bonuses How to Download the Demo
Demo Features Guide How to Reset Demo Quest Limit
Which Version Should You Buy?

Getting Started

▼Getting Started
Pre-order Bonuses Game Controls
Multiplayer New Features
New Monsters Character Customization
Tips for Beginners Tips for Combat
Kamura Village Buddy Scouts
Locales Endemic Life
Permanent Events Post-Game Unlockables

Useful Guides

▼All Useful Guides
Best Gameplay Setting Best Weapons for Beginners
Best Weapons Best Dango Meal Combos
How to Change Item Shortcuts How to use Target Camera
How to Move Fast on the Map How to Evade Attacks Effectively
How to Capture Monsters How to Earn Zeny Efficiently
How to Farm Honey How to use Whetstones Safely
How to unlock Submarine Slots How to Reroll Buddy Skills
How to Get Kamura Tickets Status Effects Guide
Buddy Scout Guide Tea Shop Guide
Argosy Trading Guide Palico Guide
Palamute Guide Cohoot Guide
Wirebug Guide Wyvern Riding Guide
Petalace Guide Elemental Blights Guide
Talisman Guide Melding Pot Guide
Hunter Rank (HR) Guide Rampage Guide
Kagero Lottery Guide Buddy Leveling Guide

Game Database

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Hunter-related Lists

▼All Hunter-related Lists
All Hunter Styles All Palico Styles
All Palamute Styles All Switch Skills
All Rampage Skills All Dango Meals
All Item Crafting List All Decoration Crafting List
All Sub Camp Locations

Monster-related Lists

▼All Monster-related Lists
All Initial Monster Locations All Monster Weaknesses

Weapon Type Lists

▼All Weapon Lists
Great Sword Weapon List Long Sword Weapon List
Sword and Shield Weapon List Dual Blade Weapon List
Lance Weapon List Gunlance Weapon List
Hammer Weapon List Hunting Horn Weapon List
Switch Axe Weapon List Charge Blade Weapon List
Insect Glaive Weapon List Light Bowgun Weapon List
Heavy Bowgun Weapon List Bow Weapon List
Palico Weapon List Palamute Weapon List

Armor Sets by Type

▼All Armor Sets by Type
Low Rank Armor High Rank Armor
Event Armor Palico Armor
Palamute Armor Layered Armor
Cohoot Outfits

All Armor Sets

Armor Sets by Monster

▼All Armor Sets
Kamura Armor Set Great Izuchi Armor Set
Arzuros Armor Set Tobi-Kadachi Armor Set
Lagombi Armor Set Royal Ludroth Armor Set
Tetsucabra Armor Set Barroth Armor Set
Pukei-Pukei Armor Set Kulu-Ya-Ku Armor Set
Tetranadon Armor Set Aknosom Armor Set
Bishaten Armor Set Mizutsune Armor Set
Rathian Armor Set Jyuratodus Armor Set
Somnacanth Armor Set Rakna-Kadaki Armor Set
Almudron Armor Set Goss Harag Armor Set
Magnamalo Armor Set Tigrex Armor Set
Barioth Armor Set Khezu Armor Set
Rathalos Armor Set Anjanath Armor Set
Basarios Armor Set Volvidon Armor Set
Diablos Armor Set Zinogre Armor Set
Nargacuga Armor Set Rajang Armor Set
Chameleos Armor Set

Other Equipment List

▼All Equipment List
Petalace Decorations
Talismans Fish

Game Overview

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Monster Hunter Rise is the latest entry to Capcom’s long-running Monster Hunter series of action role-playing games. It continues the franchise’s gameplay of hunting ferocious wyverns and elder dragons and using obtained materials to craft a myriad of powerful weapons and armor.

Story and Setting

Kamura Village

Monster Hunter Rise - Kamura Village

Monster Hunter Rise takes place in Kamura Village nestled in a vast and beautiful mountain locale. Despite the settlement’s serene atmosphere, villagers train day by day to prepare for an event called the Rampage where monsters attack the Kamura all at once.

Monster Hunter Rise - Gathering Hub

Kamura Village is home to a colorful cast of characters, including artisans, merchants, and the hunters guild tasked with missions to protect the village and ensure its survival.

New Features

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Monster Hunter Rise adds new features such as new monster, the Wirebug, Wyvern Riding, and the Palamutes


Here are some new monsters introduced in Monster Hunter Rise:


Monster Hunter Rise - Magnamalo Monster

New monsters make their debut in Monster Hunter Rise, including the game’s flagship monster Magnamalo. Described as an extremely aggressive fanged wyvern, Magnamalo attacks hunters and other monsters alike with relentless force.

Monster Hunter Rise - Magnamalo Monster Monster Hunter Rise - Magnamalo Monster

Magnamalo has extremely powerful legs that allow it to leap and perform a variety of devastating attacks. Among its most distinguishing combat features, however, are the purple flames it generates around its body called “Hellfire” to shoot massive fireballs that home in on targets. It can also infuse its tail with purple flames to execute swift thrust and swipe attacks.

Great Izuchi

Monster Hunter Rise - Great Izuchi Monster

Great Izuchi is the pack leader of Izuchi which are the game’s primary small carnivores found throughout the forests. As with previous alpha versions of the species, the Great Izuchi attacks together with its lesser kin to overwhelm its prey.


Monster Hunter Rise - Tetranadon Monster

Tetranadon is a large amphibian capable of swallowing anything in front of it, even large monsters like Arzuros. Upon devouring food, Tetranadon’s belly will swell, causing it to move slower but gains access to more powerful attacks.


Monster Hunter Rise - Aknosom Monster

The bird-like Aknosom sports an elaborate collar around its head which fans out to guard against attacks or smash enemies. The wyvern also has the peculiar habit of standing on one leg, likening it to a large crane.


Monster Hunter Rise - Bishaten Monster

Bishaten is a mischievous fanged wyvern that likes to feed on fruit, though it is omnivorous in nature. In battle, Bishaten will use its powerful tail as a bat to launch fruit projectiles at targets. A good supply of fruits are also kept in Bishaten’s belly pouch, allowing it to shoot enemies at any time during battle.


Monster Hunter Rise - Somnacanth Monster

The leviathan wyvern that is occasionally seen cresting on moonlit nights. Despite having a graceful appearance, it is extremely aggressive and will attack trespassers on sight. Somnacanth can release a mysterious gas from an organ on its neck that lulls enemies to sleep, rendering them helpless to follow-up attacks.


Monster Hunter Rise - Wirebug Monster Hunter Rise - Silkbind Attack

The Wirebug is a grappling hook-like tool that is used for easily traverse the map. It functions somewhat similarly to the Slinger grappling hook introduced in Monster Hunter: World. The Wirebug also grants the hunter a number of new actions which are Wiredash, Wall Run, Wirefall, and Silkbind Attacks.

Wyvern Riding

Monster Hunter Rise - Wyvern Riding

Wyver Riding allows hunters to mount large monsters and temporarily “control” them in battle against other wyverns. This is done by attacking monsters using the Wirebug, letting monsters fight each other, or using the surroundings to get the wyvern into a “mountable state.”

Mounted Punisher

Mounted Punishers are powerful moves that a mounted Wyvern can perform when its Wyvern Riding Gauge is full. To fill up the gauge, you must attack enemy monsters while Wyvern Riding. Each monster has a unique Mounted Punisher that may be effective against certain types of enemies so be sure to try them all out.


Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute

Palamutes are a new type of companion in Monster Hunter Rise that fight alongside hunters during quests. They can also be mounted to move around the map faster without consuming stamina. It is possible to use consumable items while riding Palamutes as well, making them even more useful when adventuring in the open world.

Palamute Customization

Monster Hunter Rise - Palamute Customization

The hunter’s Palamute can be customized, including its coat, eyes, ears, tail, and voice.

Game Trailer

Monster Hunter Rise – Kamura’s Hope (Nintendo Switch)

Source: Official Monster Hunter

Game Information

Title Monster Hunter Rise (WW)
Genre Single-player / Multiplayer / Action / Role-playing
Platform and System Nintendo Switch / PC
Developer Capcom
Publisher Capcom
Release date March 26, 2021 (Nintendo Switch) and Early 2022 (PC)
Official Website