Albinogin – Enemy Stats List [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]


Albinogin are similar to the Sahagin save for their skin colour. They are white reptilian crocodile looking creatures with some amphibious limbs to move around. The Albinogin also has leathery wings which it uses to either swim around or move around. The monster however only appears when the quest is activated. To do so, go to Lestallum and trigger the hunter quest to hunt down the Albinogin that happened to eat a few anglers along the way. To defeat this creature, keep moving around and continuously combo it to prevent it from attacking.

After defeating it, you can get some Sahagin Scales for your spells and hopefully a few Fire units for your spells.


Level 24
EXP 117
Size 2
HP 25800
Strength 2360
Vitality 120
Spirit 103
Libra 1.5
Parry Yes


Chance Items
Primary 100% Sahagin Scale
Element 50% Fire (3)


Time: Anytime

Natural Habitat: –

Quest: Hunt: Avenge the Anglers (Lestallum, Market)

Status Ailments

Resistant to Instant Death


Sword Greatsword Lance Daggers Pistol Shield Machinery
120% 100% 120% 100% 100% 120% 120%
Fire Ice Lightning Light
50% 120% 100% 50%


Break effects: Vitality -15% (Body/60%)

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