The “Crown” update revealed! [Final Fantasy 15/FFXV]

With Final Fantasy XV set for release next week, Square Enix continues to fuel anticipation with a trailer showcasing the games “Day One” patch.

The video apparently teases even more information on the story, confirmed characters and of course – the adrenaline-charged combat system.

Final Fantasy XV “Crown Update”

Source: Youtube

Upon its release on November 29, 2016, the game will come with a free ‘day one’ patch called the “Crown” update. This patch will contain bug fixes and new features to enhance the overall game experience for the series latest installment.

While a good chunk of significant events in the story have been shown in earlier promotional material, the update includes scenes that took place during the events of the movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. This will give the story a better sense of coherence, especially for those who have not seen the prequel film.

One of the cool features announced for the game is photo sharing. More of this is revealed in the trailer, where players can ask Prompto to snap a photo and share it on Twitter and Facebook.

The update more recipes, and will introduce the “Beast Whistle“. This allows players to call monster allies to join the fray. An ability for the Wait Mode fuction  has also been added. Camera angles will also be improved to enhance gameplay, especially during combat.

And of course, the trailer treats us to more of the highly-anticipated combat system. Since its prototype period (Final Fantasy Versus XIII), the game has adopted an action-oriented combat system. Content regarding this feature of the game has come to divide opinion among fans of the series. But it is nevertheless awesome to watch.

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