Locations in Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV

Details about the locations in Final Fantasy XV

The world of Eos

Eos is a land composed of several empires that have lost their crystals long ago. But while the empires are majority of Eos’ landmass, they have also small distinct villages where people stay. Each of these locations mentioned in this page are either neutral to the whole Empire War or a Dungeon the players have to go through.

Locations in Eos


Source: Final Fantasy Wikia

Lestallum is the first and the main town for the first half of the game. Geographically, it is near the town of Duscae.

The town is of modern bustling town of tropical climate with palm trees lining the streets. There is a rope-way that currently cannot be ridden. The functionality may be added later if the developers have enough time. Like all towns, the town of Lestallum has hotels and shops that Noctis can shop around in for items and equipment. In Lestallum, the party can gain information, find some materials, and replenish before entering the open world again. Bustling with store-lined roads, street vendors and musicians, the town offers a change of pace arriving from an open world type gameplay preceding it.

The real main attraction in Lestallum is the meteor that crash landed in the site. According to many people, the meteor crashed and has been there even during the “beginning of time”. If you look also around the city, there are also signs of a Mako Reactor-looking structure that’s lying around. A possible tribute to Final Fantasy VII.

Galdin Quay

Source: Final Fantasy Wikia

Galdin Quay is a resort area in Final Fantasy XV, close to the Leide region. It’s a large hotel sprawling over the water. Here, the party meats Ardryn Izuna in the hotel.

Palm trees, bungalows, and the sea surround the area. The inspiration for this particular location is hoping to give a more relaxing view instead of the usual combat. And their theme for Galdin Quay is to give the player a feeling of how it’s like exploring a floating hotel.


Source: Final Fantasy Wikia

The capital of the Lucis Kingdom, the people who live in this kingdom are protected by the crystal. It’s one of the few locations that is isolated from the rest of Eos due to the crystal maintaining  a large barrier. Within the city, the reigning monarch – King Regis – watches over the crystal and maintains its power to protect its inhabitants.

The city is a bustling metropolis. Buildings tower straight up to the sky and there are  roads and highways that cater to cars. When one proceeds below the city, you’ll find that there’s also a subway. There are trains to get to and fro around Insomnia. However, in the  middle of the city is the castle of Lucis. There, King Regis stays and protects the crystal until Noct can assume his responsibility as the Chosen King.

Since the rise of the Empire to power however, the city of Lucis is currently under Niflheim. During the treaty signing, Iedolas mounted an attack against Lucis. He does this in hopes of securing the ring of Lucis and also the crystal.


Source: Final Fantasy Wikia

The city of Altissia is one of the places that Noctis will have to go to. There, he finds out that Lady Lunafreya is staying there. While this place was initially to be where he would wed her, instead, it became a place where he had to meet her urgently.

Altissia is a city inspired from Venice, Italy. It is surrounded with water, amazing many of its visitors with its waterfalls and canals. People who wish to venture around the city of Altissia can also take the gondola to get around.

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… that’s it? LOL! What an insubstantial game.

Katherine Baskerville

Well, the game did focus more on four cities and that it was open world. Majority of the cities however encompass several stations and ruins which we’ll be adding shortly. 🙂