Main Characters [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]


Main Characters (Protagonists):

Noctis Lucis Caelum

main characters - Noctis


The prince heir of the kingdom of Lucis, Noctis (or Noct to his friends) resents royal customs and prefers to live by his own rules. After a fateful incident in his childhood, he gained an ability to sense a person’s impending death. Though he has a tendency to display a cocky demeanor, he is deeply loyal to his friends.

Noctis has access to various weapons in combat such as swords, greatswords, spears, daggers, firearms, and machinery. His weapon of choice however is the Engine Blade. He is able to materialize these weapons at will, to wield them physically or through telekinesis.

Being the prince of Lucis also allows him to use what they call the Royal Arms. These are weapons that were used by the kings of the past and can help Noctis along in his journey. However, the weapons come with a price: each time he uses it, it whittles down his HP.

Ignis Scientia



One of Noctis’ childhood friends along with Gladiolus and Prompto, Ignis is the calm and collected strategist serving the royal family. He is serious, intelligent and very much a perfectionist. Since Noctis lost his mother at a young age, Ignis has had to somewhat fill this role by acting as a nurturing figure to the prince. He is also known to be an excellent chef, and by default the driver of the group’s car.

Ignis wields two daggers in battle and is able to switch between standard and reverse grips when he pleases.

Gladiolus Amicitia



Gladiolus is a burly man with a broad physique and the eldest son of Clarus Amicitia. As lord of the noble House of Amicitia, he is sworn to protect the royal family, though his bond with Noctis is deeper than what duty might suggest. He is the only member of Noctis’ party to have a military background. He at first disliked Noctis for his cocky personality, but eventually sees him as a ‘brother’ as they work together.

Gladiolus has an affinity for Greatswords and can equip shields as a secondary arm.

Prompto Argentum



A mischievous ‘playboy’ befriended by Noctis in school, Prompto has always managed to get Noctis into all sorts of trouble. He is the only one of Noctis’ friends who is not of royal status, to which is sees as somewhat of a stigma. Despite this, Prompto is always the first to cheer the party on with his playful personality. And while not very apparent, there is a hidden side of him that is driven to stand up for his friends.

Prompto prefers to fight with firearms, particularly handguns and shotguns. He can also equip machinery as secondary weapons.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret



Luna is one of Noctis’ closest friends from childhood, and is a former princess of the country of Tenebrae. As the Empire of Niflheim overtook her homeland, she has been a captive since. She is able to commune with the Gods and is the youngest Oracle in the history of Eos.

Luna uses a trident-like ritual staff and is an adept magic user.

Cindy Aurum



Introducing herself as the “head mechanic” of the Hammerhead Garage, Noctis and his friends meet Cindy when their car breaks down during their travels. Her experience with vehicles makes her invaluable to the party on their journey.

Cid Sophiar



Cid is a longtime friend of the king of Lucis himself, and owns the Hammerhead Garage. Despite his age, the years have not taken a toll on Cid’s expertise as a master mechanic from his days traveling with King Regis thirty years ago.

Cor Leonis



A legendary warrior known throughout the Kingdom of Lucis, Cor Leonis gained the moniker “Immortal Shogun” for his prowess in battle. As the Lord Commander of the Lucian Military, he is entirely devoted to the king. Disciplined and extremely strict, he is often at odds with Noctis’ rowdy bunch, but is loyal to the prince nonetheless.

Cor’s weapon of choice is a katana which he wields with unparalleled skill and ability.

Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII



The 113th king of Lucis and father of Noctis. Reluctant to pass on the duties of king to his son, he nevertheless prepares him for what lies ahead, though with a heavy heart. As being from the royal bloodline, Regis can also draw power from the crystal in battle like Noctis. With Tenebrae and the Empire of Niflheim bent on conquering Lucis, Regis remains headstrong to protect his people despite his aging body.

Main Characters: (Antagonists)

Ardyn Izunia



The mysterious chancellor of Niflheim, Ardyn pioneered the use of magitek infrantry for use in the empire’s campaigns. This allowed him to rise up in the political sphere and to the emperor’s side.


Ardyn Izunia, formerly known as Ardyn Lucis Caleum, was proclaimed saviour by the Astrals to rid the world of daemons. The star had been poisoned by the Starscourge and thus, it would come to a point when the world was enshrouded in darkness – daemons would come out. As the saviour, Ardyn took in all the daemons within himself to save Eos. While he saved countless of lives, he himself became immortal and was denied Ascension. Because of this, he holds a bitter grudge against them and intends to have them destroyed.

Aranea Highwind



Captain of Niflheim’s Third Army Corps, 86th Airborne Unit, Aranea is a skilled warrior who prefers an aerial style of combat. Known as “The Dragoon”, she serves as a mercenary for the empire and wields a Magitek lance.

Idolas Aldercapt



Idolas is the ruthless emperor of Niflheim determined to expand his territory through sheer force. He is one of the main antagonists of Final Fantasy XV.



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