Navyth’s Sidequests Guide [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]


This page contains a walkthrough and guide on Navyth’s sidequests in Final Fantasy XV, including objectives and rewards obtained in the game.

Navyth’s Sidequests Guide

Navyth’s sidequests will be accessible upon reaching Duscae for the first time in Chapter 3.  These sidequests mostly involve catching certain kinds of fish across different fishing spots in Eos.

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Fishing Buddies

Unlock Conditions: Reach Chapter 3

Rewards: 1,500 EXP, Knife T. Tonberry x1

Fish to catch: Crag Barramundi

Fishing spot: Neeglyss Pond (Alstor Slough)

Recommended Lure: Sweet Jamming: Custard or Bomber: Ice Bomb

Use the recommended lure and the Crag Barramundi will be very easy to catch.

Fishing Naturally

Unlock Conditions: Complete Fishing Buddies

Rewards: 2,000 EXP, Butterfly Edge x1

Fish to catch: Cherrycomb trout

Fishing spot: River Wennath (Cleigne)

Recommended Lure: Whiskers: Crystal

The Cherrycomb trout is easiest to catch at dawn or dusk. It is recommended to have a skill level of at least 5.

Navyth’s Challenge

Unlock Conditions: Complete Fishing Naturally

Rewards: 3,000 EXP, Invincible Iron Giant x1

Fish to catch: Vesper Gar

Fishing spot: The Versperpool – West Bank (Cleigne)

Recommended Lure: Stinker: Malboro or Stinker: Malbodoom

The Vesper Gar will be identified by a large yellow dot if your skill level is at least 10. Be sure to have the best possible gear (Dragon’s Beard, Death Spin, Nereid) equipped. It’s also advised to have patience, reeling only when your line is not under tension. Be sure to always aim in the direction the fish is currently swimming.

Angler’s Nightmare

Unlock Conditions: Complete Navyth’s Challenge

Reward: 5,000 EXP, Tranquility

Fish to catch: Murk Grouper (aka Devil of the Cygillan)

Fishing Spot: Vannath Coast (Galdin Quay)

Recommended Lure: Burrower: Abyss Worm

Your target will be identified by a large yellow dot if your skill level is at least level 10. Be sure to have the best gear for this quest (Llymlaen reel obtained from the Totomostro mini-game). This quest is all about patience and constantly changing your aiming direction to constantly keep up with the fish. It’s also advisable to reel in with brief yet controlled bursts, except when the fish changes direction. The best time to weaken the fish is right after it struggles for a few seconds (you controller will vibrate when this happens).

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