Platinum Demo Walkthrough [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]

Platinum Demo Walkthrough

Welcome to the Platinum Demo of Final Fantasy XV! Unlike Episode Duscae which was more battle-based and the alpha release of the game, the Platinum Demo has more functions and features that the player can experience during the game. Each stage has a particular set of things to do and also several features to explore.


Gold Plates


These are plates that you will find on the floor while going through the Demo. Each plate is only unlocked by collecting a certain amount of gold pieces. Some of these gold plates show features that the players can experience while going through the game.

Platinum Plates


These are only at the end of the game. One shows the exit, the other one respawns the boss.

With that, let’s begin!

Stage 1: Forest

In the forest, young Noctis wakes up and spots a furry creature in front of him. The furry creature introduces itself as his Dream Guide then gives him a cellphone and speaks to him through the gadget. It instructs him to follow him and you can venture and take in the sights of the jungle stage. While going through the jungle stage, follow the river path that has a trail of gold pieces. Collect the gold pieces in order to unlock the Gold Plates.




While going through the forest, there is a cutscene at a cavern. Noctis, spooked, stops dead in his tracks and reveals a giant creature. The Dream Guide tells him not to be afraid and the giant glows for a moment and vanishes. Follow through the cavern and collect the gold pieces on the way to get to the next portion of the scene near the river.



Battle Scene: Goblins

Young Noctis encounters goblins and other otherworldly creatures. His dream guide says its dangerous and gives him something known as the Squeaky Hammer. Equip it and you can combo it also with the Toy Sword. Defeat the creatures and then follow your Dream Guide into the glowing ring.



Stage 2: Toy Room/Dining Room

Young Noctis falls into the water-dish in an Alice in Wonderland fashion, noticing that his Dream Guide is now bigger than him. Explore the area a little and from the coins you collected, you’ll be able to explore more features. Some of the gold plates reveal the changes in night and day. One golden plate near the table changes you into a truck to show the features of vehicle mechanics in FFXV.


While there, your Dream Guide gives you an item called Fireworks you can throw at enemies. Collect the gold pieces amongst the furniture to unlock more features. While most of the gold pieces are along the pathway from the book climbing upward, there’s a small hidden passageway near a couple of chocolate bars. Jump over it and make the corner where you’ll spot a clump of golden pieces. Other pieces of gold were found under the table near the portrait and the rest form a pathway heading up to the dining table. After picking up at least 160 gold pieces, you’ll unlock the Radiant Sword which deals more damage than the Toy Sword.





Look for a pillow and a bright red bag. Go around it to look for a slanting book that will lead you up to the table. Follow the fork and the books before you finally reach the table where you see your guide standing.






Secret Part:

To get a close shot at your guide, pitch one of the Fireworks at the right corner of the green block. After you throw it, there should be a clear passageway for you to jump and climb to spot. It doesn’t reward anything but if you’re a person who likes cute things, it’s quite a sight.

Secret Part End

After that, head through the tunnel to move to the next stage.


Stage 3: City

The next stage reveals Noctis in a Venice-like city. You’ll notice also that it’s raining but there’s a gold plate nearby that you can press. Your guide wonders if its the end of the dream yet and to look for your safe place, encouraging you to work with it. Go up the stairs to collect some gold and venture through the city. There are a few alleyways that also have a few battles where you can pick up some gold pieces. By then, you should at least have 260 pieces which unlocks the Shining Hammer. Swap out the Squeaky Hammer for the Shining Hammer for more damage.













When you press one of the golden plates, there’s also one where you can have young Noctis transform into one of the creatures. His guide reacts with laughter using a Chocobo emoji but you can easily change out of it.



There is another portion where there’s a red bench with a large gold piece. Jump and reclimb the stairs and head out for the exit. The exit is in a large building with a gold ring.






Stage Four: Lucis City Square

The last and final part: the City Square of Lucis. However, your Dream Guide notices it’s too quiet and makes its way forward. You enter a cut-scene when an Iron Giant Spawns out of nowhere. Young Noctis gets spooked but the Dream Guide steps up to protect you. Despite its valiant effort, it’s easily knocked aside and leaves young Noctis cornered. The Dream Guide runs back to your defense and young Noctis admits he’s afraid.



Then, there is a cutscene. Noctis is lying on his bed and someone is standing over his bed side. He tells young Noctis that no matter what happens, in his dreams – he is king. Before he finishes his statement, he also places a statue similar to the Dream Guide on the boy’s night table.


Back to the dream, Noctis remembers the words and steels his resolve. We seen then prepubescent Noctis change into his older self. No longer using the toy sword, radiant sword, or any of the toy items, you can now use the Warp Point, the Broadsword, Airblade, and the Fire Spell. There’s also a gold plate there nearby the stairs where you can charge up your MP.


Boss Battle: Iron Giant

The main annoying part of the Iron Giant is how he can swing that cleaver to chop your head off and also use Gravity spells to suck you in. Dodge and watch its movements to avoid the cleaving movements. But when there’s a short 2 second pause, run as far away as you can to prevent yourself taking damage from the Gravity spell.



Your Dream Guide also pops Warp Points which you can use to dodge and evade. Press triangle to warp around to avoid getting cleaved or getting caught by the Gravity Spell. After awhile, Noctis will gain enough power to summon the power of all the kings of Lucis in the forms of swords – destroying the Iron Giant once and for all.



After that, the Dream Guide congratulates him and tells him to head to the Platinum Plates. Now, there are 2. Unless, you’re a perfectionist and want to kick the Iron Giant’s butt faster then don’t pick the Platinum Plate near the barricades. Step on the Platinum Plate closest to you and trigger a cutscene. A black limousine pops out of nowhere and your dream guide exclaims that the City Square of Lucis is his safe place. Noctis steps inside and thanks the Dream Guide for getting him through.






As the screen goes black, Noctis remembers that his Dream Guide had a name. A keyboard opens and reveals your Dream Guide’s name to be Carbuncle. You can also rename it if you wish.

Conclusions & Comments

With that, the Platinum Demo displays many of its features for Final Fantasy XV. While the features were nice, Episode: Duscae seemed to have better impact due to its engagement of the players through battle and also the debut of the Astral system. Whereas, the Platinum Demo just has young Noctis running around. But we’ll come up with a guide for the real game soon! Enjoy the wait for Final Fantasy XV, coming out on November 29!

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