Snaga – Enemy Stats List [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]

Stats of the Snaga as of Patch 1.02


The Snaga are goblins without the hats. They run around and use a combination of the Glamhoth’s and the Goblin’s fighting style. They attack
not only with magic amplified attacks but are able to throw magic on their own. The Snaga however don’t spawn randomly but only appear during the main quest: No Turning Back, A King’s Struggle.


Level 30
EXP 13
Size 1
HP 2580
Strength 1870
Vitality 76
Spirit 77
Libra 1.5
Parry Yes



Chance Items
Primary 3% Hi-Potion
Element 30% Ice (2)


Time:  Anytime

Natural Habitat: –

Quest: Main Quest: No Turning Back, A King’s Struggle.

Status Ailments


Sword Greatsword Lance Daggers Pistol Shield Machinery
100% 100% 120% 120% 100% 100% 100%


Fire Ice Lightning Light
120% 50% 100% 120%


Capable of stealing Potions and Hi-Potions

Break effect: Vitality -20% (body/30%)


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