Summoning Astrals [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]


Summoning Astrals in Battle

Astral Summon Shiva
Noctis and Shiva, the Glacean

Astrals are powerful summons that can aid you in battle through certain conditions. They are acquired in specific chapters of the game after obtaining a mark of an Astral by surviving its trial.

Certain conditions have to be met in order for an Astral to assist you in combat. Summoning them is dependent on the condition of the party and the environment at which combat is currently taking place. Because of this, it is not possible to summon any Astral you want at any time you wish. Furthermore, they can be summoned only once per battle, and you will not be able to summon another for a while due to the hidden cooldown that takes effect after you summon an Astral.

To use a summon’s special attack, press and hold the L2 button once the chance to do so is indicated on the screen. The screen will turn red and the sound of a heartbeat will be heard.

Astral Summon Leviathan
Leviathan, the Hydraean

Astrals have very powerful area-of-effect attacks that damage all enemies on the battlefield. This makes summoning them a bit of a trump card of sorts during difficult encounters such as boss fights, and high-level hunting or sidequests.


Name Recruitment Party Condition Factor Environmental Factor
Titan End of Chapter 4 The chances of Titan being summoned increases as more of your allies fall in battle. Wide open-air locations. Titan will punch the ground when battle is taking place on flat terrain. Otherwise, he will throw a rock at enemies.
Ramuh Chapter 5 The chances of Ramuh being summoned increases the longer your party is engaged in battle. Available in any area, including interior sections such as dungeons.
Leviathan End of Chapter 9 The chances of Leviathan being summoned increases the longer Noctis is in Danger status. Near large bodies of water such as major lakes and areas near the coast.
Shiva End of Chapter 12 The chances of Shiva being summoned is a combination of the summon probabilities of the other Astrals. In any area as long as there is enough clearance.
Bahamut Chapter 14 Bahamut only appears during the boss battle in Chapter 14


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