Tours [Final Fantasy 15/FFXV]

Final Fantasy XV is framed around four friends having a vacation. This is reflected in the the sidequest type, called a tour. These sidequests usually happen when they rest at certain camping sites. A party member will ask a favor at times, leading you to an adventure throughout the world of Eos.

Case of the stolen specs (Petriche Haven):

This tour is concentrated in the middle of the Myrlwood. Your friend’s glasses were stolen, and you need to get them back.

  • Head to the waypoint marked on your map. A mini-game begins.
  • Sneak around and make your way to the tree without getting spotted while the chocobo is distracted by your bait.
  • Make sure you hold square to keep quiet until the chocobo starts eating again.

Liege of the Lake (Capitis Haven)

Gladio wants you to hook a legendary fish called the Liege of the Vesperpool.

  • Noctis’ fishing skill should be at level 10.
  • Make sure you have a Giant Needle 10,000  with a Gold Gigantuar lure.
  • You need sharp reflexes for this sidequest. Make sure you practice fishing so that this would be a breeze!
  • You should aim n the current swimming direction of the fish.

A Flower for Iris (Lambath Haven)

Gladio once again needs a favor. The old softie wants to find a flower for his sister.  

  • This one is tricky. You’ll need to go to the northwest part of the area.
  • The flower is on a plateau high above you. There should be a cliff that
  • When you reach a ledge, Gladio will boost you up to the plateau above so that you could pick the flower.

The Chopping Block (Fallaughins Haven)

  • Press circle repeatedly as prompted. Ignis will praise you more as much as you press circle. And that’s about it.

Up Close and Personal (Pullmoor Haven)

Prompto wants to take a picture of you with a Catoblepas.

  • Go to the designated area. Look for mushrooms there.
  • Walk to the lake and wait for the Catoblepas to move close.
  • Strike a pose.
  • You can finish this quest by either running away or simply slaying the monster.
  • This unlocks the Vintage photo filter.

Stirred, not Shaken (Cotisse Haven)

Stir a dish by moving the left analog stick laterally or in circles.

  • Maintain a consistent pace without overdoing things.
  • Ignis’ reaction varies in accordance with your performance
  • You’ll get 20 AP at the end no matter your performance.

Strike a run pose! (Spelcray Haven)

Prompto wants you to be his photo model.

  • Head to the spot on the nearby  pier and pose for Prompto.

Rise and shine and Run (Lachyrte Haven)

Gladio wants to race you.

  • Head to the beach.
  • When the race starts, sprint consistently. To finish first, refresh your stamina.
  • You’ll get the AP reward whether you win or lose.

The Hallowed Hill of Hammerhead (Palmaugh Haven)

  • Head to the waypoint with Prompto.
  • Take a picture of Cindy and her garage.

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