[Injustice 2] Farming Regen Tokens Guide

This page contains a guide on how to easily farm and obtain Regen tokens in Injustice 2, including games modes and methods to use. You can check out our game guides for each of the characters found in the game.

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Farming Regen Tokens and Credits Guide

Regen Tokens are used to re-roll or upgrade gear in Injustice 2. This means that you’ll be able to improve low-level gear, along with their inherent stats to match your character’s level. You’ll then be able to convert low level gear of Epic rarity into something optimized for your character.

Where to Obtain Regen Tokens

Tokens are obtain through various methods.

Daily Challenges

Completing your Daily Challenges will sometimes earn you the tokens. Be sure to go through them every day to stack up on the tokens.

Multiverse Mode

Regen Tokens can also be obtained by finishing all fights in a specific world in Multiverse mode. Also watch out for Meta Challenges to obtain tokens. Meta Challenges are objectives that appear randomly during battles and you’ll need to meet very specific mechanics to complete them.

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