[Injustice 2] Your Battles Your Way | Gear System

Gear System

Injustice 2 Your Battles Your Way | Gear System

Injustice 2 pits heroes against heroes, villains against villains in an unprecedented war in saving the world. With the infinite rewarding gear system, you are in charge of how your journey unfolds : no matter if your a seeded fighter or a new contender.

With every clash comes change and the opportunity for evolution. The Gear System brings a new level of depth to the game, allowing players to evolve their play style and achieve their goals. Gear opens up vast possibilities for personalization by enabling combatants of all levels to build and power up the ultimate version of their favorite DC characters to fit their fighting style.



Gear is essential in Injustice 2. You can go far beyond the surface. Within this system is an unparalled depth that gives you both the opportunity to evolve your playstyle and look to achieve your goals.


Gear System

Suiting Up

With every fight, there is the promise of a reward. Each experience in the arena brings more pieces of gear to expand your customization options. Each element you load up has its own unique look and ability to boost your base stats for maximum effectiveness. Benefits increase as you level up and with each victory more specialized gear will be introduced. This not only gives you boosts and more strategic flexibility in combat but also opens up infinite opportunities to supercharge your look.

Gear SystemSuperman:  ” You will either make the right choice or I will make it for you!”

Gear SystemSome of the most powerful effects in combat come from set bonuses granted to load up connective gear. The more pieces in a set you use, the more edge you get in battle.Gear System


Beyond the Armor

Advantages are earned beyond physical gear. Augments, abilities and special moves are granted after key achievements.


Freedom of Choice

Gear SystemThe Gear System’s real strength lies in the freedom it gives you and players of all levels and types. It also gives you the power to assemble your hero or villain with a load out and look that suits your playstyle. The key to evolution is control. In Injustice 2, working and constantly accumulating your gear options, gives you an edge over your opponent; both sytlistically and stragetically.



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Injustice 2 is scheduled for release on May 16, 2017. In the meantime, you can check out our Injustice 2 Main Wiki Page for Walkthroughs, Strategy Guides and Tips and Tricks here.


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