League of Legends: Wild Rift - Crowd Control List and Guide

List and guide on Crowd control in League of Legends: Wild Rift (LoL: Wild Rift). Included are an overview, ways to deal with CC, list of CC and their effects.

League of Legends: Wild Rift - Crowd Control List and Guide

What is Crowd Control

Crowd Control or CC is a term used to describe an effect that prevents enemies from moving or using attacks or skills. There are many forms of Crowd Control which include stuns, slows, silences, and other disabling effects.

How to stop an enemy’s CC

Use skills

Crowd Control is useful for helping allies during team fights but can also be detrimental to champions affected by it. Champions are capable of acting against CC using counter abilities. For example one can use Olaf’s Ult to get rid of its effect.

Use items

Another way to stop CC is to use certain items. Mercury Boots and Swiftness Boots are good examples of CC resistant items. Have your champion wear Mercury Boots to help weather the CC faster, you can also opt for Swiftness Boots to mitigate the immobilizing effect that CC brings.

Effects of Crowd Control

CC Effect
Slow Slow is a form of crowd control that makes enemies move sluggishly. The effects do not stack and only the ability with the highest effect will apply
Silence Silence is another form of crowd control that prevents enemies from using abilities. Unlike slow, the enemy can still move normally and use basic attacks. An exception to this CC are most summoner spells
Nearsight One form allows the champion to restrict the enemy’s field of view.
Cripple Some forms of crowd control reduce the enemy’s attack speed. Many champions have access to this effect and some can also learn it by equipping the armor Randuin Omen.
Stun A form of crowd control that prevents the enemy from moving, attacking, or using abilities. Similar to silence, most summoner spells ignore the effect of stun.
Root Similar to stun, root is a form of crowd control that stops movement. The enemy can still make use of basic attacks and some abilities.
(Knock up)
Knock up throws the enemy up in the air. The effect cannot be used with Quiksilver Enchantment.
(Knock back)
Knock back pushes the enemy away from the tile where the ability was thrown. Similar to Knock up, it cannot be learned with the Quiksilver Enchantment
Attract Attract draws the enemy’s attention to the thrown ball.
Charm Charm forces the enemy to approach the caster and slows down mobility.

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