League of Legends: Wild Rift - Game Differences

List of changes between League of Legends: Wild Rift (LoL: Wild Rift) and the original version for the PC. The list also includes a comparison between LoL: Wild Rift and Arena of Valor (AoV).

League of Legends: Wild Rift - Game Differences

Game Differences

Changes between PC and mobile version

Game speed

Matches are shorter compared to the original League of Legends. On average, a match lasts for about half of the time that it takes in the PC version.


Instead of using the mouse to move and use abilities, the player will be using the touchscreen to tap and slide.

Ranked battles

You can unlock ranked battles faster in Wild Rift. The feature appears when you get to level 10 compared to the level 30 requirement in the pc version.


The ranking system seems to have been simplified in the mobile version. In Wild Rift, the player can also reach the emerald rank which sits between the platinum and diamond ranks.

Playable Champions

Champions can reach up to level 15 which is lower than the level cap in PC.

Support changes

Support champions depend on their ally marksmen to receive gold. Even if the support champion is able to effectively overwhelm the enemies, he will still lag behind his comrades


Ability changes are also in effect in LoL: Wild Rift. Each champion previously had abilities that can reach max level 5 but now the ability caps at level 4. Ult level caps were also changed.

Some champion roles have also changed due to the changes on their ability effects.

Summoner spells

Changes include cooldown reduction effects. One of the more notable changes is the removal of cleanse. Originally a summoner spell, teleport became a boot enchantment.

Absence of jungle items

Junglers don’t have access to jungle support items. While not a replacement, there are new items added.


Passive abilities can be unlocked using enchantments. There is no way to stack these secondary effects which was previously as feature in the PC version.


The map has been simplified with the absence of the zone near the the turrets on the side. Placement for the walls and bushes were altered. Turrets that litter the map are less compared to the original count.


The minions spawn early compared to their PC counterparts.

Honey Fruits

Apart from the honey fruits that grow close to the river, champions can also find them sprouting beside the first tower.

Baron and Dragon Lanes

The position of some lanes may change at the start of the match. When this occurs, the game will notify you that the positions are swapped.


The runes in LoL: Wild Rift are less than its PC counterpart. Combining runes became easier, giving players a chance to customize paths without restrictions.

Shop currency

The two types of currency have been renamed in the mobile version. Instead of Blue Essences and Riot Points, players make use of Blue Motes and Wild Cores respectively. Another type of currency called the Poro Coin can be used to purchase exclusive skins. You can get Poro Coins by completing weekly missions.

Changes between Arena of Valor and LoL: Wild Rift

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The cooldown for abilities such as ult in LoL: Wild Rift is longer compared to those in Arena of Valor.


In LoL: Wild Rift, minions come in bigger groups which means that it takes longer for marskmen to clear waves and would appreciate assists from a support champion.

Mid lane

Since champions take longer to clear waves in LoL: Wild Rift, the mid lane is shared between assassins and mages. Both classes excel in dealing last hits.


The jungle is more complex in LoL: Wild Rift compared to Arena of Valor. After farming the jungle, the junglers in Wild Rift cannot easily compete against ADC compared to their counterparts in Arena of Valor. That being said, the junglers have to follow certain paths and these roles are given to various champions such as those that are useful for support.

Last hit mechanics

Unlike Arena of Valor, players in LoL: Wild Rift cannot earn as much gold unless he does the work personally. If you fail to perform a last hit on the minions, you earn way less gold compared to those who do.

Game time

The large field and last hit mechanic contribute to having a longer game time in LoL: Wild Rift compared to other moba games released for mobile.


Unlike Arena of Valor, the aiming system for champion abilities differs in LoL: Wild Rift. In Wild Rift, between auto aiming and manual aiming, the latter might feel more clunky for those not used to it.

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