League of Legends: Wild Rift - Secondary Runes

An overview and list of secondary runes in League of Legends: Wild Rift (LoL: Wild Rift).

League of Legends: Wild Rift - Secondary Runes

All Secondary Runes in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Secondary Runes are elements that strengthen the champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift.


Secondary Runes are divided into three categories: Domination, Resolve, and Inspiration. Domination runes strengthen the firepower, Resolve improves resistances to attacks, and Inspiration enhances effects related to mana, cooldown, and other support-oriented roles.

How to set up runes

1 Choose the loadout. (The sword icon).
2 Pick the helmet icon to view the roster of champions.
3 Select the champion that you wish to customize.
4 Choose “>” on the right hand side to view the runes.
5 Tap the rune that you wish to change.
6 Another way to modify the runes is to go to the match selection screen and then tap the rune icon.

Secondary Rune List


Secondary Rune Level Description
Brutal 4 Gain either 7 attack damage and 2% armor penetration, or 14 ability power and 2% magic penetration (adaptive).
Gathering Storm 4 Gain 2 attack damage or 4 ability power every 2 minutes (adaptive).
Hunter – Vampirism 6 Gain 2% physical Vamp or 2% magical Vamp. Each time you perform a kill or assist, you gain either 2 attack damage and 1% physical Vamp, or 4 ability power and 1% magic Vamp (adaptive).
Triumph 8 Restores 10% health when you perform a kill or assist. Increases damage by 3% on enemy champions with 35% or less health remaining.
Weakness 10 If you inflict a Slowing or Immobilizing on an enemy champion, that champion will receive 5% more damage for the next 5 seconds.
Champion 10 Increase damage to champions by 10%. Loses 5% for each death.


Secondary Rune Level Description
Backbone 4 Gain 10 armor or 10 magical resistance depending on whichever stat is lower.
Conditioning 4 Gain 8 armor and magical resistance after 5 minutes of the match.
Hunter – Titan 6 Gain 20 maximum health. Gain 20 maximum health and 4% tenacity for each kill or assist.
Regeneration 8 For every 3 seconds, replenishes 2% missing health or mana depending on whichever is lower.
Loyalty 10 Receive 2 armor and 5 magical resistance. The closest ally champion receives 5 armor and 2 magic resistance.
Spirit Walker 10 Gain 50 maximum health and 20% slow resistance.


Secondary Rune Cooldown Description
Pathfinder 4 Increases movement speed by 8% in bushes, jungles, and rivers. The effect applies after leaving combat.
Mastermind 4 Inflicts 10% true damage on epic monsters and turrets. Receive 100 more gold and 500 XP for performing kills or assists.
Hunter – Genius 6 Gain a 2.5% cooldown reduction. Gain a 1.5% cooldown reduction for each kill or assist.
Sweet Tooth 8 Boosts honeyfruit healing potency by 25%. Earn 20 gold for each fruit consumed.
Pack Hunter 10 Gain 2% movement speed when near ally champions. When you perform a kill or assist, earn 50 gold and allies get 50 gold depending on the number of allies present.
Manaflow Band 10 Permanently increases maximum mana by 30 each time you hit an enemy champion with a skill or enhanced normal attack. Stacks up to 300 mana.

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