[League of Legends / LoL] Mage Champion Directory

This page contains a champion character directory for the Mage Champion characters in League of Legends (LoL), including skills and abilities. 

Mage Champion

Mages are casters that deal damage through powerful magical spells, and are divided between burst mages, battle mages, and artillery mages. 

Burst Mage

Burst mages lock down enemies and follow up with a massive amount of devastation from afar. However, they are often ineffective against tougher targets.

Burst Mages
Ahri Annie Brand Lissandra
Lux Syndra Twisted Fate Veigar

Battle Mage

Battle mages leap right into battle, plotting to deal massive damage against the whole enemy team. To compensate for range, battle mages often have defensive skills to protect themselves.

Battle Mage Champions
Aurelion Sol Cassiopeia Gangplank Karthus
Malzahar Rumble Ryze Swain

Artillery Mages

The artillery mages harness the power of long-range skills to destroy enemies from a distance. Artillery Mages are very vulnerable if enemies finally close in on them.

Artillery Champions
Jayce Varus Vel’Koz Xerath

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