Sniper Elite 5 - All Classified Documents Locations

All obtainable Classified Documents in Sniper Elite 5, including detailed locations and how to acquire them. Classified Documents are listed under each mission in the game.

Sniper Elite 5 - All Classified Documents Locations

All Classified Documents Locations in Sniper Elite 5

Classified Documents are a type of collectible found all throughout the various Campaign Missions of Sniper Elite 5. As their name suggests, Classified Documents appear as secret files that reveal information on the Wehrmacht’s plans and are usually found on desks inside enemy outposts.

Below is a list of all Classified Documents in the game, including missions each collectible is found, their locations, and how to get them.

Trophies and Achievements

Below are all trophies and achievements related to Classified Documents and how to unlock them in the game.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Burn after Reading PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze Collect 39 classified documents.

Trophies and Achievements List

The Atlantic Wall

Collectible Location
#1 Resistance Captured Boathouse: When clearing the “Search the Boathouse” objective and eliminate the officer. Grab his keys and enter the boathouse. Examine the documents at the objective marker.
#2 Lacking Air Support Radar Bunker: Proceed to the Radar Bunker. Look for a safe within the center of the bunker. Make use of the safe code found on a soldier close to the safe room. You can also use a satchel charge to open the safe.
#3 Atlantikwall Report Northern Farm: When clearing the “Neutralize the Anti-Air Guns” objective. Go north and see a farm near the Anti-Air Gun. Look for a safe inside the farmhouse. Make use of the safe code found on a soldier in the Anti-Air Gun area. You can also use a satchel charge to open the safe.
#4 Beach Defenses Gun Battery Compound: Proceed northeast and pass by the green building and the two trucks. Enter the Gun Battery Compound and eliminate the officer nearby to get the armory key. Look for a safe in the same room near the west door and open it.

Occupied Residence

Collectible Location
#5 Orders of the Day MG42 Emplacement: From the starting area, go east and see the patrol in the Woodland Ford. Eliminate the enemies and proceed to the emplacement. See a small shack with crates and get the document in the middle of the stacked crates.
Central Bridge: The document can also be acquired on another crate on the southern side of the central bridge leading to the Chateau. The document is found on the east crate.
Kummler’s Office: The document is also found on the desk of Kummler’s Office
#6 Immediate Request for Attic Repairs Chateau Stables: Proceed east and enter Chateau Stables which is southeast of Chateau Gardens. Go to the northeast building with a Waffenkammer sign. Enter and get the document off the table on the left side of the building.
Group Statuette: The document can also be found stapled on a door near the Group Statuette. It is the same room that gives you access to Moeller’s Office.
#7 New Orders, Effective Immediately Pistol Workbench: Go to the east of the map. Enter the house and see the document.
SMG Workbench: Also found northwest farmhouse within the SMG workbench.
Chateau’s Main Entrance: Can also be found at the checkpoint at the Chateau’s Main entrance specifically on a crate near the tent and parked vehicle.
#8 Renovation Complete Moeller’s Office: Found on the desk of the office.
#9 Operation Kraken Moeller’s Office Secret Room: Found on the small desk on the right backside of the secret room.
#10 Grateful Thanks
Moeller’s Office Secret Room: Found under the table of a portrait on the left side of the secret room.

Spy Academy

Collectible Location
#11 Won’t Be Attending Castle Tower: When you arrive at the beach, look for a castle tower with a gate. Pass through the door to the left of the gate, passing through the gatehouse. Outside see a parked truck, see the castle tower. Climb to the top to find the document on the left couch.
#12 Armoury Exposed Castle Tower: Do not leave the castle tower yet. Look for another document on the right desk.
#13 Resource Request Graveyard: From the SMG workbench, go outside and use the pipe on your left to climb the wall. Follow the path and reach the right end. Head toward the chapel by passing through the iron gates and taking the stairs leading to a courtyard with a statue in the middle. Look for a small graveyard nearby and enter through the window. Go right and right again through a door. Then, head left. Follow the stair to the top and eliminate the officer for the “Just Attend One” objective. Take the document from the desk.
#14 Priority Package! Guardhouse
#15 Training Scenarios Spymaster’s Office

War Factory

Collectible Location
#15 No More Games East Scrapyard
#16 Increase Security! Southeast Refinery
#17 Shipping Orders Shipping Warehouse
#18 Bureaucratic Oaf! Red-Brick Pumphouse

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