Sniper Elite 5 - How to Earn XP Fast

A guide on how to earn XP fast in Sniper Elite 5, including the best ways to level up quickly and other useful tips.

Sniper Elite 5 - How to Earn XP Fast

How to Earn XP Fast in Sniper Elite 5

In Sniper Elite 5, earning experience (XP) allows you to level up and obtain skill points for unlocking various useful skills from the Combat, Equipment, and Body trees. Below are the ways to earn XP fast during the game’s Campaign mode.

Ways to Earn XP Fast

Complete Optional Objectives

Clearing Optional Objectives found in each Campaign Mission rewards you with more XP. These special challenges will only become available once you reach specific locations in the map so try to do some exploring while clearing the level’s main objectives to earn more XP.

Eliminate Optional Kill List Targets

Various non-mandatory Kill List targets will also appear during Campaign Missions. Taking out these enemies is not required for progressing through each level, though doing so rewards you with more XP and new equipment.

Enable Axis Invasions (PvP)

Turning on Axis Invasions from the Campaign mode start menu allows you to earn more XP for completing mission objectives. Note that enabling player-versus-player (PvP) battles is generally not recommended if you are new to the game or to the first-person shooter genre in general as more experienced players may constantly hinder you from completing your objectives throughout the game.

Take Advantage of Sound Masking

Loud noise from aircraft or generators will help mask the sound of gunshots, allowing you to kill enemies without alerting reinforcements nearby. As much as possible, try to time your shots with these sound masks to get more XP from your kills.

Kill As Many Enemies as You Can

Since each kill earns you experience, you should try to take out all enemies in the map if you want to earn as much XP as possible.

Find Collectibles

Finding Personal Letters, Classified Documents, and other collectibles throughout each mission will also net you additional XP. Exploration, again, is very rewarding especially for accumulating skill points in Campaign mode.

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