Sniper Elite 5 - All Personal Letters Locations

All obtainable Personal Letters in Sniper Elite 5, including detailed locations and how to acquire them. Personal Letters are listed under each mission in the game.

Sniper Elite 5 - All Personal Letters Locations

All Personal Letters Locations in Sniper Elite 5

Personal Letters are a type of collectible found all throughout the various Campaign Missions of Sniper Elite 5. As their name suggests, Personal Letters appear as handwritten mail which reveals some backstory of various characters in the game and are often sent by people close to them.

Below is a list of all Personal Letters in the game, including missions each collectible is found, their locations, and how to get them.

Trophies and Achievements

Below are all trophies and achievements related to Personal Letters and how to unlock them in the game.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
From Paris with Love PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze Collect 41 Personal letters.

Trophies and Achievements List

The Atlantic Wall

Collectible Location
#1 Picked Some Violets Radar Array: Proceed to the radar array on the east side of the map. Spot a white shed with a blue horizontal stripe. Eliminate the two soldiers behind a sandbag barricade located south of the shed. Then, grab the letter from the crates near them.
#2 Violets are Wilting Northern Farm: When clearing the “Neutralize the Anti-Air Guns” objective. Go north and see a farm near the Anti-Air Gun. Enter the garage of the Northern Farm and proceed to the second level. Climb a ladder and see the letter by the hay bales and Sten MK2.
#3 Upcoming Delivery Southern Farm: Proceed to the Southern Farm. Enter the garage of the farm and proceed to the second level. Climb a ladder and see the letter on the floor near the two ammo boxes.
#4 Violets Don’t Wilt Hotel Building: Proceed west and look for a hotel building north of a town church. The hotel is a large building with Nazi banners. Enter the hotel and go upstairs and east at the top. Reach the end of the hall and go inside a room on your right. See the safe and eliminate the officer nearby to get the safe code.
#5 Boches at the Door Resistance Safehouse: Proceed southwest passing by the SMG workbench. Enter the resistance hideout where you must look for Marcel. Look for a sofa downstairs across the gramophone.
#6 Pests in the Garden Small Pavilion: Proceed southwest passing by the SMG workbench and resistance hideout. Enter the small pavilion and look for a table to acquire the letter. The pavilion is also southeast of the Town Promenade infiltration point.

Occupied Residence

Collectible Location
#7 Good Plan, Let’s Do It Chateau Gardens: Proceed to Chateau Gardens and enter the building with a Stone Eagle. Eliminate the sniper in the tower. Look for the item on a small trunk o the left side of the tower.
#8 Brother, I Have a Plan Chateau Estate: Proceed to the 3rd floor of the Chateau Estate. Make use of the narrow stairwell on the second floor in the middle of the north edge of the chateau. Enter the first room on the right to find the letter.
#9 Do Not Fail Me, Nephew Kummler’s Office: From Moeller’s Office, proceed to the first room left, Kummler’s Office. Check the marble desk and get the letter.
#10 Need a Scapegoat Kummler’s Office: From Moeller’s Office, proceed left towards the northwestern end of the Chateau. Enter the second door on the left. Proceed to the bedroom and look at the trunk at the foot of the bed.

Spy Academy

Collectible Location
#11 Fragile, Do Not Break Coming Soon!
#12 Just Attend One! Coming Soon!
#13 It’s Easy Money Coming Soon!
#14 Do Not Be Late Coming Soon!
#15 Parking Problem Coming Soon!

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