Sniper Elite 5 - All Medals List

All medals list for Sniper Elite 5, including all obtainable offline and online medals and how to unlock them in the game.

Sniper Elite 5 - All Medals List

All Medals List for Sniper Elite 5

Below is a list of medals for Sniper Elite 5 and how to unlock them in the game. Note that some medals require online play (Co-op and PvP) to obtain.

Please note that we are still in the process of updating this page. New information confirmed in the game will be added regularly.


Medal How to Unlock
Just a Flesh Wound Complete a mission, excluding the Loose End mission, in any difficulty without healing.
The French Connection Liberate Blue Viper in Colline-Sur-Mer.
It’ll Buff Right Out Destroy Moller’s shiny new car.
Pigeon Hunter Destroy 1 amount of cardboard pigeon(s) on Beaumont-Saint-Denis.
Show Off Hit all the practice targets on the practice range in the mission Spy Academy.
Locomotion Commotion In Martressac, create an accident that destroys the train near the Distribution Depot.
German Engineering Destroy the Armoured Car in Martressac.
Saboteur Sabotage the fuses of all searchlights in Martressac without killing or incapacitating the operators.
The Gnome Guard Shoot and destroy 1 gnome(s) in Guernsey.
Up Close and Personal Takedown all three snipers guarding the Second River Crossing in Desponts-sur-Douve.
Road Rage In Research Facility, find and destroy one of each type of vehicle present in this mission.


Medal How to Unlock
Meeting Resistance Complete The Atlantic Wall with a 2 star rating.
Taking It Back Complete Liberation with a 1 star rating.
Best of the Best Complete the entire campaign on Authentic difficulty.

Long Shot

Medal How to Unlock
Mission 1 Long Shot Make a 350 meters shot in Colline-Sur-Mer.
Mission 3 Authentic Long Shot Take a 325 meters shot in Beaumont-Saint-Denis, in authentic difficulty.
Mission 6 Long Shot Take a 400 meters shot in Desponts-Sur-Douve.
Mission 8 Authentic Long Shot Take a 200 meters shot in St. Nazaire, in authentic difficulty.

Weapons and Items

Medal How to Unlock
Skirmisher Kill 50 enemies with a Secondary Weapon.
Resourceful Kill 10 enemy soldiers with Found Weapons.
My Little Friend Kill 10 soldiers with heavy weapons.
Lord of War Get a kill with 12 different weapons.
Out of Scope Kill 15 enemies with a rifle while in Iron Sights.
Gunslinger Kill 25 enemies with Pistols.


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