Sniper Elite 5 - How to Earn Skill Points

A guide on how to earn skill points in Sniper Elite 5, including recommended ways to accumulate SP and other useful tips.

Sniper Elite 5 - How to Earn Skill Points

How to Earn Skill Points in Sniper Elite 5

In Sniper Elite 5, unlocking various skills improves your performance in combat and grants you more tactical options for taking out targets during missions. Because of this, it is important to spend time accumulate skill points as you go through the game’s Campaign Mode.

Skills List (Campaign and Co-op)

Level Up to Earn Skill Points

Skill points are rewarded each time you level up in Campaign and Survival mode. As you kill enemies in various ways, obtain medals, and complete special challenges and optional objectives, you will earn experience (XP) to level up.

Any skill points you earn can then be used to unlock new passive and active abilities from three skill trees which are Combat, Equipment, and Body. Bear in mind that some advanced skills require more than one skill point to unlock or can only be acquired after learning certain pre-requisite skills first.

Can You Respec Skill Points?

It is likely that you will not be able to respec skill points after spending them to unlock certain skills (to be confirmed). Because of this, try to decide which skills to prioritize based on your playstyle.

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