Sniper Elite 5 - Game Difficulty

Game difficulty guide for Sniper Elite 5 Campaign mode. Included are information on the game's customizable difficulty, sub-settings and gameplay mechanics affected, and best difficulty setting to choose at the start of the game.

Sniper Elite 5 - Game Difficulty

Game Difficulty in Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 - Game Difficulty

Sniper Elite 5 features freely customizable game difficulty that allows you to adjust various aspects of gameplay to suit your preferences. Game difficulty level ranges from Civilian (Very Easy), Cadet (Easy), Sharpshooter (Medium), Sniper Elite (Hard), and Authentic (Very Hard).

Game difficulty can be adjusted from the game’s Campaign mode screen when starting a new game or selecting a mission.

Difficulty Sub-Settings

Game difficulty consist of three sub-settings that affect different gameplay mechanics. These are Combat, Sniping, and Tactical. You can tweak each of these sub-settings based on how you want to play the game or simply set the Overall Difficulty to automatically adjust all settings.

Sub-Setting In-Game Details

This setting controls the difficulty of Combat in the game.

  • Controls enemy skill, perception, and resilience.
  • Controls your own resilience, including Friendly Fire, and Healing.
  • Controls the availability of ammo and items.
  • On Civilian, players can respawn in Campaign Co-Op.
  • On Authentic, you must use a Med Kit to revive another player.

This setting controls the difficulty of Sniping in the game.

  • On Cadet or above, bullets are affected by Bullet Drop.
  • On Sharpshooter or above, bullets are affected by the wind.
  • On Authentic, Empty Lung does not slow down time or show where your shot will hit.

This setting controls difficulty settings related to the HUD, Tagging, and other Tactical Play in the game.

  • Controls how much information is on the Radar.
  • Controls how long Tags last and when they can be seen.
  • On Authentic, most of the HUD is disabled, including your Health, Ammo, and Objectives.

Which Difficulty Should You Start With?

Choose Sharpshooter Difficulty

It is generally recommended to begin the game’s Campaign Mode on Sharpshooter (Medium) difficulty. This is to allow you to get a feel for the game in its default setting while learning basic mechanics such as shooting, stealth, and clearing objectives. From there, you can fine-tune the difficulty to your liking.

For players who simply want to play through the game for the story, playing on Civilian (Very Easy) difficulty is recommended. Many of the game’s sniping mechanics are severely toned down or non-existent, allowing you to easily clear objectives and enjoy the Campaign modes scenario and cutscenes.

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