Artorius Collbrande [Tales of Beseria]

Character profile of The Abbey's leader, Artorius Collbrande.

ArtoriusArtorius Collbrande

One of the antagonists of Tales of Beseria, Artorious “Brother Arthur” Collbrande is regarded as messiah to the citizens of the empire.

Age: 32

Race: Human

Occupation: Head exorcist

Weapon: Sword


Artorius means well, desiring to create a utopian paradise in the Wasteland, though his means are utterly questionable.

Initially, he was a kind soul who took care of Velvet and her brother, Laphicet. Being also the husband of Serika Crowe, he showed a great deal of devotion to Velvet and her family. He appeared to be trustworthy, saving Velvet in the Quelling Forest when the Scarlet Night hit. Even after Serika’s death, he continued to look after Velvet and Laphicet. He appears to be charismatic as well, able to influence Laphicet’s decision in becoming an Exorcist.

However, behind the facade lies a ruthless man. Artorius shows amorality and doesn’t mind sacrificing one for the sake of power. He is the one who orders the Exorcists to strip their Malaks of their emotions and willpower to prevent them from ever rebelling against them. In all reality, he cares very little for the exorcists in The Abbey and focuses only on his goal. He is ambitions, resorting to any means necessary to fulfill his goal of bringing in the most powerful Malak of them all.


Prior to being known as Artorius Collbrande, his true name is Arthur. He lived in the same village as Velvet and her family, being the husband of Velvet’s older sister – Serika Crowe. While there, he helps Velvet make ends meet while continuously taking care of his expecting wife. He also inspires both Laphicet and Velvet to become exorcists.

During one Scarlet Night however, Serika Crowe was killed. This may have marked his road down to ambitiousness and greed for power.

On another Scarlet Night, he first saves Velvet from a Blood Wolf. When Velvet returns to find Laphicet, she finds out that he killed Laphicet and intends to sacrifice him. The ritual begins and he attempts to sacrifice Velvet as well. Much to his surprise however, the daemons take to Velvet and nest inside her arm. Realizing that Velvet is a threat, he casts her to Titania, Prison Island. There, he keeps her imprisoned to keep the past from rearing its ugly head.

After that event, he becomes famous while establishing The Abbey.


Artorius as a boss

Artorius relies a great deal on magic especially when he fuses with Inominat. However, he is also capable of melee combat and deals a range of combos that can take out a large amount of HP.

Weakness: Earth 

Resist: Fire, Water

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