Chapter 5 Walkthrough [Tales of Berseria/ToB]

Chapter 5 of the walkthrough starts of with the Chalice and ends at the dock when you interact with Benwick. THE STATS INDICATED HERE WILL BE UPDATED AS WE GO ALONG.

Overview of Chapter 5

Chapter 5 includes the party’s arrival at the Curseland where something sinister is brewing and one familiar face’s fate is sealed by a strong power.

The Chalice

Item List

Item List
Chest Peach Gel x5
Life Bottle x5
Soul Bottle

Once you arrive at the destination, look for the sphere to save your progress. Proceed down the flight of stairs, continue and head south, head back then north, then move southwest and grab the items along the way. Obtain the Arcana Bottle then go back and proceed north.

There will be dialogues concerning No. 1 which are mostly about his monikers.

After the chat, head to the warp at the end of the path then head straight north until you encounter a dragon bound like a Daemon. Velvet relays the findings to Zaveid.

Continue down the path and obtain 5 Grape Gels then follow the path until you come across an intersection. Go south to obtain a Soul Bottle then head back and go east to hear another dialogue about Laphicet being born again. A cutscene will ensue showing the Daemon and Melchior. Head to the bottom warp to move to the next area.


Item List
Herbs Red Saffron
Red Rosemary

Check behind the pillar to obtain a Red Saffron. You will notice the presence of the White Turtlez who offer Topaz type weapons and armor. Head to the save sphere before moving to the northwest portion. Examine the back of the pillar to obtain a Red Rosemary.

As you go south, a cutscene regarding Silver’s transformation will ensue. Zaveid fends off “Kanonushi” which leaves you to deal with Silver.


Source: Youtube
Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weaknesses
Hellkite 50 79027 Fire, Earth Normal, Water

Continue to battle Hellkite until a cutscene appears where Kanonushi downs Zaveid. Afterwards, you will return to the battle with the dragon who is now back to full HP, this time without Laphicet aid.

Upon getting the boss to half its HP, a cutscene will show it recovering. Now Kanonushi will be shown battling Laphicet, it will attempt to turn Laphicet into a dragon like Silver but fails since it will only burn the impurity. Now you must escape.

Another cutscene shows what appears to be “Kanonushi” feeding on the “reasoning” that remains inside the Daemon ally of Melchior, or possibly Aifread.

You will regain control of your character at Cadonics Harbour. Enter the inn to rest. An event shows Velvet’s conversation with Seres, and Celica.

A cutscene showing Velvet beginning to glow with an aura of impurity will be shown.

By morning another cutscene will emerge detailing the preparation to sail to Lionel Wharf. Your task is to save the Ship of Banerdia.

Examine the first ! near the steps; observe the next ! near the warehouse and listen to the people.

Look for Eleanor at the dock and talk to her twice to travel to Lionel Wharf. Exit until you reach the marsh and head for the gold star.

Daemon Aifread

Source: Youtube
Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weakness
Daemon Aifread 52 71705 Water, Earth Normal

Once you defeat him, a cutscene will show Laphicet’s attempt to revive Aifread.

Zaveid will leave and informs you that they will settle the matters during the next encounter once and for all. Several dialogue will ensue, speak to Grimoire to obtain information on the next objective. You will be informed that the the four great spirits: wind, fire, water and earth need to be awakened in order to seal “Kanonushi.” In order to rouse the spirits, souls cleansed of impurity are required. This narrows down to the Abbey organization has the souls of the exorcists i.e. Oscar and Teresa.

Speak to Benwick twice to travel to Helvisa. A 2D cutscene shows the crew’s pit stop at Zexon Harbour. This will be followed by another event showing something sinister being done to the people.

Zexon Harbour/ Rogress

Look for the first ! to hear a guy chanting in monotone about his dark needs.

Head to the inn for the next ! guy, who expresses his discontent over the Magilou Troupe and is inability to comprehend their schemes. Rareboard data can be found on the opposite side near the exit.

Another ! can be found along the bridge of Danna Highway and another ! by the outside entrance of Rogress. Everyone will be seen showing the same symptoms. Move to the castle in Rogress to find the prince and Tabatha, you must defeat the Malak.

Proceed back to the underground route to chase after the prince. Go south, then pull the lever. Backtrack and take the fork. By the time you reach the castle, examine the bookshelves to find it. Go down to the area where you first encountered Griffon and before entering the room, there will be a slight protruding portion of the wall, examine it to obtain a Katz Box which can be opened for 65.

Move past to trigger a scene and a battle. You will find the prince normal however the girl begins to lose her will. The prince will inform the party of Artorius’s ceremony ending on the Crimson Night. It will be a race against time, specifically a race against Artorius.

Head to the exit of Rogress, then proceed to the Zexon Harbour inn for a ! which will show a guy complaining of his problems of Nectar or alcohol, who proceeds to expel it outside. Rokurou makes a remark.

Before speaking to Benwick, look for a guy in the tavern in Izult to hear information from Abbey that it is safer to avoid Paramidis as it contains a strong Daemon. However, Velvet can feed on it to obtain its power to become stronger.

Head to Paramidis for now and obtain the Manaan Sea Reef rareboard data by the last map’s entrance (map that exits out of Paramidis). As you arrive inside, move past the central goblet to find a red marker.


Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weakness
Gluttony 35 35828 Fire Earth

If you defeat it, you will be rewarded with 4350 gald. Now you can talk to Benwick to travel to Helvisa, which consequently triggers an event showing Oscar and Teresa’s awareness of her desire to sacrifice then in hopes of awakening the 4 great spirits. Oscar however does not mind and is willing to continue his duty regardless of the number of repetitions he is reborn.

As the crew arrives at Helvisa, they will find that Kanonushi’s presence has not taken effect in this region yet. Proceed to check the !.

Find the first ! inside the harbour area where an old man is uttering unfathomable words regarding Kanonushi while his son tries to get his act together.

The second ! is from a kid across the church whose father is under a trance.

Third ! is from a merchant found at the west side, he seems to possess similar symptoms as the others. Rokurou tries to snap him out of it but fails to recall what is needed to be said.

Fourth ! is from the exorcist inside the church who begins to disclose information regarding Malaks being used as experiments inside Fordis Ruins. You will obtain a sidequest.

Fifth ! is from the priest inside the church. Although Eleanor expresses her desire to confess on several matters, she will not actually do so. She prefers to get the organization of Abbey to apologize instead and therefore the priest desires to repent on her behalf.

Sixth ! can be found inside the inn by chatting for a while about Rokurou’s training.

Lionel Wharf ! mentions about a drinking party in behalf of Aifread.

You will obtain a trophy: Follower of the reed and Eizen’s Colour Variation Costume.

Proceed to the second level to obtain the rareboard data for Helvisa. Head to the back of the building, and move through the pathway that is heading west for a ladder that ascends. Move to Fordis Historic Ruins:


  • Proceed to the room where Medisa was encountered.

Bull Head Heavenly King

Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weakness
Bull Head Heavenly King 55 54652 All (excludes Wind) Wind

Once you defeat it, you will be awarded with a bounty.

  • After clearing, collect the bounty from the monster hunt folk.

Head to the north exit which is marked by ???. If the chest and herb are obtainable, you will get the Runner’s High and Red Sage then exit the north.

Gaiburg Iceland

Item List

Item Name
Chest 8000 gald
Mythril Vest
10000 gald
Topaz Fragment
Soul Bottle
Mythril Garment
Herb Red Lavender
Red Verbena
Red Rosemary

Go north and hug the west wall which will lead to a chest at the north end of the map, open it to receive 8000 Gald. Head southeast to find a Red Lavender by the east wall. Search for the katspi by the wall near the ice rocks. Head north to exit.

Head west to obtain a Red Verbena. Proceed down the path and do not enter the door. Once you reach the lower floor, move to the other side of the ice wall which is between it and the base of the slope and search for a katspi and uncover a Mythril Vest from the chest.

Move down this route and around the west wall to obtain 10000 Gald. Continue north while sticking to the west wall to find the rareboard data and Fishing Minigame.

Move to the door and speak to the Knight. While a red marker appears, ignore it for now since it is only found at the upper floor.

Approach the save sphere to record your progress before heading to the adjacent town.

Frozen Village in Snow, Melshio

Item List

Item Name
Chest Shark Bottle
Neptune Soil
Topaz Fragment
10500 Gald
Herbs Red Chamomile
Red Saffron

Look for the first ! guy on the stairs west of the map: You will hear rumors regarding the Lord of Calamity.

Second ! is found east of the first which will reveal details on the purpose of the knight standing guard outside the gates. You will discover that he is made to reflect. Examine the igloo to the east of the man for a Red Chamomile.

Move northeast to hear a long dialogue. More information will be disclosed about the knight. Continue east to obtain a Shark Bottle. If you choose to record your progress, there’s a save sphere in the middle of the town. The guy in charge of the monster hunt is standing on a half-wall to the side. Head upwards to the snow hill adjacent to him to walk to the ledge to reach the south and obtain the katspi. Head north and proceed downwards, jump across to obtain another katspi.

South ! near the cow you will be told about the weather being always winter and how conducive the environment is for work. Check behind the people talking to find a chest containing Neptune Soil.

Talk to the merchant if you want to buy Melon Gel for 86000 Gald, and Mythril equipment. Continue north and a cutscene will ensue. You will hear someone screaming that a Daemon is nearby and this will prompt the townsfolk to panic. The security has transformed into a Daemon. Defeat the Daemon and listen to the next event.

Velvet addresses the townsfolk that they must inform Abbey. By the next Crimson Night, she will perform a sacrifice/ritual at the volcano to remove kanonushi’s power, she then extends her arm to frighten the townsfolk as she claims herself as “Calamity, the Lord of Calamity.”

Shigure will appear shortly after. As you regain control, go upstairs heading east then proceed north for a Red Saffron. Head eastwards and enter the cave. Go the other way and head to the winding stairs. When you reach a fork, head south to find a chest containing Topaz Fragment.

To the north you can collect a rareboard data. Speak to Rokurou atop the steps. Enter the building behind Rokurou to find Kurogane who is now transforming his body into a sword. Go back downstairs then south to find Eizen. He will tell you that a letter just came from his sister. He relays that he sent her a message stating he met the party and now she tells him she wants to meet with them.

Velvet teases him but Eizen remarks that he prefers to be called an Idiot Brother instead. After their exchange of petty insults, proceed to the following area for the last star. By entrance is a Katz Box that can be opened for 335.

Continue east for 10500 Gald. Proceed forward for a cutscene of hide and seek between Eleanor and Moana. Backtrack and talk to Medisa who is standing by an item shop. She says she won’t forgive Velvet if Moana is an accomplice. Laphicet will intrude the argument. Medisa now mentions that she managed to find a hot spring. Velvet naively asks Laphicet if he wants to join her there.

Magilou feels a presence but continues on her way. She heads to meet Melchior. Magilou begins to chant Melchior’s teachings of pursuing her evil intentions, however she no longer sees any reason to remain as an accomplice.

Rokurou and Eizen will also appear and there will be a dialogue among them. An 2D cutscene will appear right after then another dialogue.

After the conversation, the party will regroup in anticipation of the Crimson Night. The trophy “The Howling Calamity” will be added to your trophy list.

Once you regain control, look for the !s:

First ! is from Medisa from the item shop. She will tell Moana that everything will be fine.

Then look for next ! by the pirate near the steps.

Find the third ! when you enter the igloo and see Grimoire who will narrate the completion of the book’s translation.

Proceed to the cave’s exit and a dialogue will commence. If you need one of the Melshio maps, head to the Church on the upper level where Rokurou was guarding during Kurogane’s sword transformation.

As you arrive on Gaiburg Iceland, approach the ! to initiate a dialogue regarding the steam expelled from the hole. Check the chest on the west side for a Topaz Fragment. There is another chest containing Soul Bottle, which is south of the first chest.

After finishing, head east to obtain Red Rosemary and katspi. Now go south, climb the wall and exit. Examine the chest for a Mythril Garment.

Double check your party order then approach the red marker:

Spectral Crystal

Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weaknesses
Spectral Crystal 52 765 All

It is a very formidable opponent. Be wary as besides its resists, it also possesses 9999 defence stats. A good strategy is to switch the mode to Simple to nullify its resistances.

Look for the chest and the Katz Box (opened for 335) at the west side to obtain a Wind Ring and Katz respectively.

Backtrack then take the east exit.

Killaraus Volcano

Item List

Item Name
Chest Grower’s Demuth
Arcana Bottle
Shark Bottle x2
Pinion Ring
Mythril Doll
11500 Gald
Mythril Piercings
Middle-Grade Powder
Mythril Talisman
Soul Bottle
Herbs Red Lavender
Red Verbena
Katz Box Katz’s Invitation

Examine the chest for a Grower Demuth.

Head north to obtain Katspi, then upon reaching the fork head north for an Arcana Bottle. Go south and exit.

The east end requires a rareboard, thereforefore go north for now until you reach the highest level. Enter the room, then head south to obtain a Red Sage. Head to the south end to get Katspi.

Move to the west to reach a fork, then head north and examine the chest for a Shark Bottle. Backtrack and move south. When you reach the next room, collect the Katspi, then move south and obtain the Pinion Ring from the chest. Proceed east and a dialogue between Rokurou and Laphicet will commence.

As you arrive to the next area, keep going until you find a save sphere, record your progress. Then exit to the next area to start a cutscene. You will encounter Shigure.

Boss: Shigure

Source: Youtube
Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weakness
Shigure 54 76281 Wind Fire

Be wary of his Mystic Artes since he uses it multiple times. A cutscene will follow when his HP has been fully depleted.

As you regain control, examine the sword for another dialogue between Rokurou and Laphicet. Check the cat. Go to the north exit for Magilou’s introduction.

You can choose to use the save sphere here. Continue along the path until you reach a fork, then go north to obtain a Mythril Doll. Once that’s done, approach the red marker at the east side:


Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weaknesses
Titan 57 26700 Fire, Earth Normal

Once you defeat it, head north for a Katz Box. If you have 375, you can obtain a Katz and Katz’s Invitation.

Move east for a dialogue. Follow the path and climb the vines to obtain Katspi. Go down, and move past the rocks. Move east for a Soul Bottle. Backtrack then exit to the south.

Continue moving East to obtain 11,500 Gald. Now move north. By the fork, head south to obtain a Shark Bottle. Backtrack and continue north, take the west path and obtain a Red Lavender. Move east to trigger another dialogue.

Go north and exit. Follow the path north and open the chests for Mythril Piercings and Middle-Grade Powder. Proceed south and exit. Continue south to find the “room” that is north of the rareboard data. Proceed to the northwest end and examine the chest for a Mythril Talisman.

Obtain the rareboard data then backtrack and follow the north path and exit to the green marker as you rareboard accross. As you arrive at the new map, go northeast and obtain the Red Verbena. Proceed to the south west and enter the room to obtain a Soul Bottle. Backtrack and go south. When you reach the northeast room, obtain the Elixir.

Backtrack to the main area and record your progress with the save sphere. Move to the south exit then approach the gold star to trigger Melchior’s cutscene.

Boss: Half-Malak Melchior

Source: Youtube
Enemy Name LVL HP Resists Weaknesses
Half-Kamui Melchior 56 84206 Water, Earth Wind

When you defeat him, another event regarding his power will ensue. A 2D Cutscene will follow.

When you regain control, backtrack inside then move to the second map. Head east then rareboard across again. Obtain a Grape Gel and Katspi then backtrack to Melshio.

Speak to Dyle ! then obtain the rewards from the Quest. Upon finishing the last three, you will obtain 41500 Gald.

Take a pit stop at the inn and trigger the custscene of Grimoire and Bienfu. Once your team is prepared, head to Helvisa and look for all the !s.

Find the first ! on the steps. Look for the second ! inside the tavern. Find the Katz box for the third !. The fourth ! will be near the harbour exit.

Proceed to the dock for an event with Benwick. You will be given the Fortune Apple. The last ! will be at the edge of the dock, this will open another arena.

Speak to Benwick again then go to Zexon Harbour for another event. Before moving to the Saviour’s Throne, there are sidequests and ! to finish.

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