Earning Grades [Tales of Berseria / TOB]

This guide to help you find places suitable to earn grades in Tales of Berseria. 


Grades are what you get at the end of the battle. Whenever you win a battle, the grades give a certain amount of points. These points can buy new game + boosts that can help you win the game on your second play. When earning grades, as much as possible, make sure you max out the damage while taking little damage.

About Grade Earnings

When you play an “extra new game,” you’ll be able to control the various elements that reward you with grades.

So take note that you don’t need to earn grades in the early or middle part of the game.

People who wish to go through the second week as soon as possible should normally mix combos many times in battle or win without items against the boss.

Methods to Earn Grades

Grades are what you get for killing a tough enemy without using items. However, there are limits to the number of appearances of bosses and service-type demons. Therefore, fight in order to earn a lot from the wandering enemies.

Wandering enemies appear if you set a battle rank with above normal rank and battle continually, while winning more than a certain grade on the same map.

However, for a specific wandering enemy, “crampons” to spawn after you fight to enter into the hands of “Dangerous Encounter of Magic Wind Akira” of West Laban cave. 

Since the wandering enemy is more likely to show up when your battle rank is higher, set the difficulty to “chaos,” and fight it on the same map.

Recommended Earning Place

Pictured here: jo-bachi

We recommend that you earn grades in Manaan Sea. There are other places where wandering enemies appear, but “Jo-Bachi” appears on Maanan Sea Reef is a relatively weak wandering enemy, since it doesn’t have multiple stage attacks and quick motion attack, even though it’s quick in itself.

Maanan Sea Reef is also rife with enemies. It’s easy to fight these beasts in battle, as well as have Wandering Enemies spawn.

We recommend that you fight wandering enemies because you could earn about 65 grade because of 1 battle, if you don’t fail the battle but defeat them.

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