Tales of Berseria
source: Abyss Chronicles


Tales of Berseria is the 16th installment of the RPG Tales series games. In this game, there are new features such as Potentites which boosts your character and can be helpful throughout battles. Also, there has been a new additional feature known as the Code Red Daemon Hunting in which the characters can go on bounties. However, in these bounties, the creatures that appear are far tougher than their original forms which require a certain level of strategy. After defeating the daemons, the players earn rewards such as Potentites to help them continue surviving in the game.

Taking a few notes from Tales of Zestria, Tales of Bersperia brings back the Katz mechanic. The Katz is an opaque flame that the character has to collect in order to open certain things such as Katz Boxes. These boxes contain rewards and equipment that can help boost your characters stats.

Another thing that has been returned is the Switch Blast. When swapping into another character not in the party, the summoned character performs an Arte. It also has hot-key assignments for skills Triangle” (PlayStation Triangle Button), “Square” (PlayStation Square Button), “Circle” (PlayStation Circle Button), and “X” (PlayStation X Button)” which can be used to combine skills to make a variety of combos.

Skills can be swapped around and combined but only when your Soul Gauge hits a certain amount. The Soul Gauge is a bar that replenishes over time in battle which allows you to use a variety of skills.


The game starts as a link to Tales of Zestiria. Many of the former events in Zestiria will link up to the events in Tales of Berseria. Throughout the land, the Holy Midgand Empire has established a strong rule over lands and sea. Three major races exist in the land of Berseria – Daemon, Human, and Malak. While these three races exist, a rare plague known as the Daemonblight plagues people and rapidly turns them into daemons. While some are able to retain their sanity, many do not. Thus, the creation of the Abbey and appointing of Exorcists over the past three years by Artorius Collbrande.

Meet Velvet Crowe, a young woman with only one purpose: to destroy the Exorcists.



Non-Playable Characters

Shigure Rangetsu

Oscar Dragonia Teresa Linares
Artorius Collbrande Melchior Seres